25+ Must Have Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids

Day 9 of quarantine for us and we have made our way through lots of snacks, screen time and crafts.  We will have an entire art museum by the time this is all said and done!  If your craft bin is lacking, check out this list of arts and crafts supplies for kids!  All items are available (currently) via Amazon.  Be sure to PIN this list for later too!

craft supplies for kids: acrylic paint for kids and paint brushes

Supplies for painting with kids

Brown Craft Paper:  I just ordered some of this.  I figure we can cover our kitchen table in it and the kids can color or paint on it!

Paint Brushes:  I feel like paint brushes go to crap quickly, so if you’re in need of some new ones here’s a link!

Washable Paint: Grab some washable paint to keep on hand and put into little trays.  Let them paint on the brown craft paper!

Watercolor Paints:  We need some new watercolor paints, so thinking I’ll grab these.

4×4 Mini Art Canvases:  These little mini canvases are perfect to have on hand for painting activities!

Paint Plates:  How cute are these for little artists?!

Paint Smocks: Need something to cover up those pajamas that they’ve been in all week?  Grab some of these!

Shop these items below!

Beads and bands craft supplies

Loom Bands:  I used to love these as a kid!  Layla got one for her birthday in December and has cranked out some potholders for us already!

Pearler Beads:  Another childhood fave of mine!  You can grab them here too!

Pearler Bead Peg Boards:  Grab these to go with the beads listed above!

Pony Beads:  Create some fun friendship bracelets to give to friends when we can all be together again!  Check out this post for an easy kids craft.

Bracelet elastic:  Use the beads above to make bracelets!

Letter Beads:  Spell out your name or someone else’s name to give as a gift!

Shop these items here!


Other Must Have Craft Supplies for Kids

Kinetic Sand:  My kids love this stuff more than play-doh lately and I feel like it’s easier to clean up!

Dinosaur Stencils:  These looked like something Henry might like.  Saving here as an idea for later!

Magic Scratch Paper:  Another childhood memory!  Magic scratch paper for the win!

Model Magic Clay for Beginners:  Clay isn’t something we’ve dabbled with, but maybe we will during quarantine

Tie Dye Kit: Grab an old t-shirt and get to work!

Paper Plates:  Pinterest is full of paper plate craft ideas.

Yarn: So many uses for some yarn!  You could even paint some pasta noodles and string them on to make a necklace!

Pom Poms: Colorful and lots of uses!

Popsicle Sticks:  Start cruising Pinterest!  So many ideas for these too!

Dot Markers:  We have had a set of these for awhile!  The kids love them!

Construction Paper:  Need to replenish your construction paper supply?

Foam Sheets – Assorted Colors:  Cut out various shapes, glue to the popsicle sticks.

Elmer’s Glue:  Slime anyone???

Blunt Tip Scissors:  Kid safety scissors are a must.

Googly Eyes:  Perfect for letting their imagination run wild!

Gems: We had some left over from a project and Layla loves finding fun ways to use them.

Shop below!

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