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Raise your hand if you have every intention of having a beautifully curated assortment of photo books documenting each year of your family’s life perfectly displayed and easily accessible.  Yep, me too.  Sad reality though is that I don’t have that – yet. I’m going back and creating books for the last 5 years or so.  In 2020, I was introduced to SimplePrints.   The app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play and it allows you to easily turn your photo memories into exquisite photo books, mini photo books, canvas prints and more! This year I’m devoting time each month to building our families photo book for the year as I go! No more playing catch up on books from years past and searching in a black hole for photos – build it as you go, and print it at the start of the new year!  Join me in 2022 by simply following these easy tips to create your photo book throughout the year!

Download the SimplePrints App + Choose the right book for you!

To get started, head to the app store to download SimplePrints on your phone, and then just decide which type of book you want to create! The app is available in the Apple Store and on Google Play for Android users. As a point of reference, I am on an Apple iOS device.

  1. Photo Books:  SimplePrints offers both hardcover (available in 8×8 or 12×12 options) and softcover (8×8 only). I prefer the hardcover 8×8 books because they are fit for withstanding regular usage or accidents (aka kids).  You can include spine text too, and they look great when stacked! The softcover books start at $14.99 and hardcover at $29.99.
  2. Layflat Photo Books:  Starting at $59.99 and hardcover only (8×8 or 12×12) these are great for documenting a particular experience or vacation.  The ultra-thick layflat page spreads create a panoramic impact for gutter-less viewing.  

Create a new project in SimplePrints

Once you’ve downloaded the app and decided which type of book you want to create for the year, it’s time to start your project + upload some pics!
Pop open the app, select catalog (bottom left on menu), and choose either Photo Books or Seamless Layflat.

If you’re going the Photo Book route, you will then choose either 8×8 (hardcover or softcover) or 12×12!

Carefully review and select from one of three types of paper {Standard, Premium, or Photo Lustre}. I have used both the standard and premium options, but I prefer the premium slightly more. SimplePrints offers and then name your project.  Tap on “add photos” to begin uploading pictures!  You can choose to upload pics from your phone library, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, or Google Photos.  

Work on it monthly

Once you’ve started your project, now you can work on uploading photos into the book at the end of each month! This will help to create a photo book through the year and not get behind!

Tip 1:  Set a reminder on your calendar for the last day of each month to upload pics from that month to your photo book.  This will keep you from getting behind. 

Tip 2: Import photos in small batches {i.e. 5-10 pics at a time}. The app will always show you what photos you’ve already imported so you can pick back up right where you left off if you get sidetracked while uploading!

Customize your SimplePrints Photo Book

Each time you open the app, you can access your project by clicking on “Projects” from the bottom menu.  

The SimplePrints app allows you to layout pages with one picture per page, or you can create various layouts that allow for multiple pics on one page.  Photos that you’ve imported will appear in the top ribbon and you can choose which ones you want to place in your layout.  Your project auto saves, so no need to click a save button every time.  

You can also add text for captions to each page as well!  You can also choose from various photo filters as well as add stickers to pages too. Below are a few pics to give you a glimpse into the app!

Preview your photo book as you go

After loading that months photos and organizing your layout, you can preview your book thus far!  Simple click on “preview” in the top right of the screen.  You can turn your phone horizontally to get a better view of your book. 

The goal of working on your book as the year goes will keep you accountable so that at the end of the year you can print and enjoy a high quality book that you will cherish forever!  When you’ve proofed your book closely and you’re ready to print, click the yellow add to cart button next to your project.  Don’t forget to enter my 20% off promo code {EMILY20} to save 20% off + free shipping.  SimplePrints team has a fantastic customer service team that can help with issues that arise or will contact you if the app recognizes a problem with a photo you imported. They will reach out to you PERSONALLY if they come across anything that doesn’t look quite right.  I had this happen on a previous project, and I was so grateful that the team caught the error.  Their customer service is truly exceptional and unlike any other photo book company I’ve used before! If you’re looking for additional help in creating your SimplePrints photo book, check out this tutorial!

I hope you’ll join me this year in building your book as the year goes!  



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  • I’ve done three yearly yearbooks with Simple Prints. I’m still working on 2020s and then will 2021. I’m very pleased with Simple Prints! My first three books are amazing and I will cherish them for decades to come. Thank you for this post!

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