An Easy Craft for Kids

Easy Valentine's day friendship bracelets for kids to make

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and for school aged kids that means exchanging Valentine’s with friends!  This year, we did an easy Valentine’s Day craft for kids that Layla came up with recently.  We had a lot of leftover pipe cleaners from previous crafting and she wanted to do something with them.  I said how about bracelets?  We headed to Michael’s and she picked out the pony beads and alphabet beads that you see in this post!  Let’s get started!

What supplies do I need to make beaded pipe cleaner bracelets?

These bracelets take minimal supplies and the mess is nonexistent!  To make this easy Valentine’s Day craft (or anytime craft really) for kids you need the following:

Supplies needed to make pipecleaner pony bead bracelets


plastic bracelets for pony beads

These are the plastic bead bracelets by Creatology that I don’t recommend…Pipe cleaners work better.

How to make DIY beaded friendship bracelets

We did this on the floor in Layla’s room because it was easy to spread the beads out on her rug, and start sliding them onto pipe cleaners.

Kids making pony bead bracelets on the floor

If using the pipe cleaners, you will need about 18 pony beads, and one alphabet letter bead. 
NOTE:  The pipe cleaner version worked best for us.  We have found that the plastic bracelets don’t stay snapped together.
  • Slide 9 beads onto the pipe cleaner
  • Then slide on an alphabet letter bead
  • Next slide on 9 more pony beads
  • Loosely twist the two ends of the pipe cleaners together creating a full circle (pictured below)…this way it can easily be adjusted to fit wrist

easy pipe cleaner bracelet craft idea for kids

If using the plastic bead bracelets by Creatology, you will need 20 pony beads, and 1 alphabet bead.
  • Slide 10 beads onto the plastic
  • Then slide on an alphabet letter bead
  • Next slide on 10 more pony beads
  • Snap the bracelet closed to keep beads from falling off.

Pony bead bracelet

Where to find the “I have to hand it to you printable”

I did a quick search on Pinterest and found this adorable printable on another blog that goes perfectly with this easy Valentine’s Day craft!

Want another easy kid project?  Check out this post on how to create a pollinator friendly garden with kids!

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