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Welcome to Emmy Lou Styles!  I’m Emily, a work from home wife + mom of two kids living in the suburbs of Saint Louis, MO.  I started this blog in the summer of 2017 (side note – I had another blog before this one from 2011-2013) to use as a virtual journey of my life, highlighting everything from the ups and downs of motherhood, style, beauty, travel, and beyond. The name “Emmy Lou Styles” is a combination of a nickname friends and family have for me +part of my middle name (Louise)…and well, in the words of Nelly, I’m from the “Lou” and I’m proud.

When I started, I was working full time in the ecommerce space for a large corporate shoe company.  As my blog grew, so did my passion for creating, along with social media as a business began to take over.  My husband and I talked at length about how I could take the leap from corporate marketing to self-employment (you can read more about that here), and I’m happy to say I officially made the switch in March 2019.


During the weekdays you will find me in my home office clicking away on the keys of my MacBook Air. 🙂 However, I love to get out and work around town in coffee shops too. I currently spend about a third of my time contracting for small businesses that need help managing their social media, email programs, and overall digital marketing strategies.  I actually have a website for this work which is under construction at this time (haha), but I hope to get it up and running very soon!  In the meantime, you can read more about my professional background via LinkedIn.  The rest of my weekdays are spent creating, writing, reaching out to brands, responding to emails, networking, and building my own brand.  This gig isn’t wine and roses all day every day.  The blogging world is full of amazing people and I have made lifelong friends here.  But it can also weigh heavily on you at times, and suck you in to the comparison game.  Blog post coming soon on how I combat those feelings.

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Yes, my kids still go to daycare during the day.  L will start kindergarten very soon.  I am still a working mom, and for me I’m a better mom that way.  My work just looks a little different these days, and I’m getting used to it.  “All in good time.”

I LOVE lazy weekend mornings.  Just sitting at the kitchen table as a family with some tunes playing in the background.  We love taking trips to our family lake home in the summertime.  Nothing extravagant over here.  I enjoy a casual night with friends drinking wine or beer (depends on my mood) while sitting in my comfy clothes.  I truly enjoy the simple moments!  If that’s your jam then welcome to my little corner of the internet, I hope you’ll stay awhile!  Sign up for my weekly email newsletter here!

About top St Louis life and style blogger, Emmy Lou Styles: Summer Bucket List_ 16 things to do with kids this summer


Laidback, but feminine. I am most confident in a pair of jeans (hello Madewell) and a white tee, but love getting dressed up when the occasion arises.  My closet has way TOO many shoes thanks to my past life (especially brown booties).  I love a good hair day (i.e. nailing the beachy wave)!  I’m so glad you’re here!

About top St Louis life and style blogger, Emmy Lou Styles: EVER Skin Lipsticks_girl wearing soft strawberry shade of lipstick by Ever


If you’re interested in collaborating with Emily on in-store events, editorial content, brand representation, or any other sort of online campaign, please contact us.

About Emily

Hi! I’m Emily; wife, mom of two, and all things digital freelance entrepreneur! This is a space where I share my love of all things style, home, family, DIY and more here in Saint Louis, MO. I’m so glad you’re here!

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