14 Cleaning + Organizing Must Haves from Amazon

Amazon cleaning and organizing products

Cleaning Must Haves from Amazon!  

No.1 Amber Glass Spray Bottles (set of 2) // No. 2 Roomba // No. 3 the life of tidying up by Marie Kondo // No. 4 Meyer’s All Purpose Surface Cleaner // No. 5 Drawer Organizers // No. 6 Shoe organizer // No. 7 Carpet Spot Remover // No. 8 The Home Edit // No. 9 Velvet Hangers // No. 10 Fabric Storage Bins // No. 11 Stair Step Basket // No. 12 Headband & Hairbrush Holder // No. 13 Arts + Crafts Organizer // No. 14 Wool Fabric Softener Balls

Spring is more than half over, but there’s still time for a little spring cleaning + organizing!  It has been damn near impossible to clean and organize the house during quarantine, but I’ve rounded up my cleaning and organizing must haves from Amazon.

I try really hard to control the clutter, but sometimes it gets out of hand – ya feel me?  Our house is a 1.5 story so many times things don’t always make it upstairs to the kids rooms when they should so this stair step basket is helpful.  We can throw some of the things that need to get upstairs right in the basket and then put away accordingly at the end of the day.

Clean floors are nearly impossible to obtain in our house, but the iRobot Roomba helps maintain a level of sanity – especially in the kitchen!  It’s nice to be able to control it from our phone too so if we aren’t home we can start it so it runs while everyone is gone.

One thing our house lacks is a mudroom so it’s easy for kids shoes and belongings to get out of hand.  I grabbed this white shoe shelf recently just to contain the shoes to a space so the kids know where to put them.  We keep it right inside our door from the garage, and while it’s not a mudroom it does help control some of the madness.

Velvet hangers are something I have asked for each Christmas now for the last couple of years, haha!  I am trying to convert all of my hangers over to these black velvet hangers.  Clothes hang on these better and they are just better for your clothing overall.

Our bathroom is an area that sometimes seems overrun with an abundance of clutter.  One thing lately for me has been headbands.  I enjoy wearing a headband and they help with bad hair days but storing these can be a challenge.  I just recently ordered this hairbrush and headband organizer and I’m excited to give it a whirl.  If it works, I may order another one for Layla!

I’m by no means an expert when it comes to cleaning and organizing my home.  I’m just an every day gal trying to clean up one mess at a time and help you along the way!  For expert advice grab The Home Edit book or Marie Kondo’s Art of Tidying Up!

While you’re here, check out some of my other favorite Amazon finds!  You can also view my entire Amazon Storefront here!

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  • We use several of those items and thanks for the new ideas!

    • That carpet spray is a must! I mean it can be used on more than carpet, but with two little ones it comes in handy haha!

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