5 Ways to Keep Floors Clean in the Winter

We are in full blown winter mode over here!  While we haven’t had a big snow yet, I’m prepping things to keep our floors looking good all winter long. I’ve teamed up with my friends from Champion Floor Company to share 5 simple tips on how to keep floors clean in the winter!

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How to keep floors clean in the wintertime

Sturdy Walk-off Mats

Be sure to grab a durable, sturdy mat to keep in high traffic areas where people are coming in with dirty, snow / salt filled shoes.  This one is great for indoor and outdoor use because it won’t hold on to moisture.  It comes in a variety of colors and sizes too! ways to keep floors clean in the winter



Shoe / Boot Trays

Boot and shoe trays are a good way to contain the moisture that comes off shoes, and to keep floors clean in the winter.  This one is great for storing in the garage, or by the door where you frequently come in and out. tips for keeping floors clean in the winter



Vacuum up the Salt

A reliable, and portable vacuum is good to have on hand for quickly cleaning up the salt that comes in off of shoes. Salt can scratch hardwood finishes, so it’s best to sweep or vacuum often.  Be careful using swiffer types of dusters.  The small grains of salt can get trapped under the head of the swiffer and too much pressure causes scratching.  The Shark cordless stick vacuum is a great option. how to clean up salt on floors in the winter time  



Buy a Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Champion Floor Company sells this stuff in their showroom, but you can also purchase it via Amazon. It’s a good spot cleaner that will allow you to easily keep floors looking great in-between deep cleans. how to keep your floors clean this winter



Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned every 18 months or so will keep them looking great.  If you don’t want to pay a professional, there are some great steam cleaners you can purchase to keep at home too.  These work well on carpets and upholstery!   how to keep carpets clean in the winter


Got your own tried and true methods for keeping floors looking fab during the winter?  Drop me a comment and share the knowledge!  And while you’re here, be sure to read all of the other great content in partnership with Champion Floor Company!

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5 Ways to Keep Floors clean in the winter



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