Easy + Affordable Fall Mantle for Under $30

Creating your fall mantle shouldn’t break the bank, and it should be something that can last you through Thanksgiving (or whenever you decide to switch things over for the Holidays).  The real pumpkins might not last that long without rotting, but you can easily swap those out for some faux greenery.

A simple mantle for fall featuring white pumpkins

Shop around your house for decor you can move from other rooms

Before you get started, take inventory of your decor.  What items do you have on your mantle that will work?  Are there pieces from other rooms that you can borrow to create your fall mantle?  For me, the basket is something I always have by our fire place and I keep blankets in it.  That orange blanket?  It floats around the house and I had most recently been using it in my office.  The color is perfect for fall though! The white milk glass vase was tucked away in a cabinet not being used.  You get the point.  Shop your house before your run to the store or place that online order!

Affordable pieces to feature on your fall mantle

Blanket (similar) // White Foam Pumpkins (similar) // Wooden Candlesticks // Large Pumpkins from Trader Joe’s // Basket (similar) // Faux Eucalyptus // Dried Wheat from Trader Joe’s // Milk Jug (vintage find) // Milk Glass (vintage find) // Wooden signs (similar) // Rug

Check your local Goodwill for fun vases

You can almost always find milk glass in some shape or form at your local Goodwill store or Antique mall.  I love the simplicity of milk glass and fits nicely with my decor.  The milk jug (at least I think that’s what it is) is an antique from my grandmother!  I love being able to use it in my home!  This is almost always on my mantle and I just swap out florals.


Easy fall mantle decor with a basket and orange blanket


Simple fall mantle ideas featuring white pumpkins

Look at your grocery store for pumpkins and dried flowers

Trader Joe’s is my go to for decorative real pumpkins.  A lady stopped me when I was picking out the three large pumpkins that I purchased (approx $15 for all three … I think) asking what I was going to do with them.  I told her and she was like oh how fun, I wouldn’t have thought of that!  Here’s hoping my kids don’t use them as soccer balls.

Fall mantle featuring colorful pumpkins from Trader Joes


Simple fall mantle featuring wooden candlesticks

My grand total on this years mantle came in right at $30!

  • Basket – already had
  • 3 Large Pumpkins – approx. $15
  • Milk Jug Vase – already had
  • Blanket – already had
  • Milk Glass Vase – already had
  • Dried Wheat – $3
  • Faux Eucalyptus – $12
  • White Faux Pumpkins – already had
  • Candlesticks – already had
  • Wooden Signs – already had


Affordable pieces to feature on your fall mantle

What piece is your fave?  Tell me in the comments!  Be sure to check out my post on fall home decor too!


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