Easy Homemade Chalk Paint

If you have spent any time at all in the $1 bins of Target, then you know you can usually stumble across chalk paint.  The problem is it isn’t usually one of the $1 items…it’s more like $3-$5 which can add up.  I set out on Google to locate my own version of this stuff that we can make on our own.

Directions for making homemade chalk paint to use on sidewalks for art

Supplies for homemade chalk paint

I’m all about quick and easy, and this homemade chalk paint checks all of those boxes.  We were sitting outside late one afternoon and I got the idea and made it happen ASAP so you can too!  All you need is some corn starch, food coloring OR washable acrylic paints.  I’ve linked several options for supplies from Amazon + Target below!

  • 2 Cups Corn Starch
  • 2 Cups Water
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Food Coloring OR Washable Acrylic Paint
  • Cups for each of the colors you plan to make
  • Brushes and/or foam brushes and rollers

Directions for chalk paint

It takes less than 10 minutes to whip up your own homemade chalk paint!  Simply mix the 2 cups of corn starch with the 2 cups of water in a large mixing bowl.  The mixture will be a bit tough to stir at first so it’s best to use a larger bowl so you have room to mix.

Once the corn starch and water are thoroughly mixed, pour the mixture into the various cups you set aside.  You will want to leave one of them plain white – this will act as your white paint.

Next, start to add acrylic paint (or food coloring) to each of the cups with the mixture.  Use your various paint brushes or foam brushes to stir the color into each cup.  Add more or less of each color to make colors more or less vibrant.

Homemade chalk paint for using on sidewalks and driveways

Tips for using homemade chalk paint

We used this acrylic paint and it worked very well.  Unfortunately we didn’t have any of the foam craft brushes on hand so we used regular kids craft brushes.  They worked, but it def took longer and lots of painting over the same spots.  It helped to pour some of the paint on to the ground and let them paint from the puddle of paint.  The foam brushes or even these fun cut out craft sponges would likely work better.  I plan to use these next time we make some homemade chalk paint.

How to make homemade chalk paint for sidewalk art

Looking for more kid friendly craft ideas and supplies?  Check out this post!

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