Conquering your Week Ahead with Kodiak Cakes Pancakes: How to Prepare for a Busy Week

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Pancakes on a plate with butter and syrup

If there’s an easy way to prepare breakfast ahead of time for a busy week, I’m all ears!  Kodiak Cakes pancakes are our go to!  I don’t know about you, but our weekday mornings tend to be crazy.  Between two different kids school schedules and two working parents there’s a bit of commotion that takes place before we are all out the door.   However, our weekends are a little more like what Lionel Richie might call easy like Sunday morning haha!  I love the fact that Kodiak Cakes pancakes brings us together on a slow paced weekend morning, but also prepares us for the week ahead with a nutritious breakfast!

The Kodiak Cakes Story

If you’re not familiar with Kodiak Cakes yet, let me be the one to introduce you.  I love a good heartwarming story about a family building a business out of a passion, and Kodiak Cakes is just that.  The idea came to life in 1982, but the recipe was born long before.  The brand continues to grow, but the one thing that remains a constant are the family-owned values.

Boy holding egg to put into pancakes

What are Kodiak Cakes made of?

All pancake/waffle mixes, baking mixes, and oatmeal contain the highest quality ingredients that have been sourced responsibly and with sustainability in mind too.  Kodiak Cakes mixes all include whole grains.  Not only do whole grains taste better, they are also packed with fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals that are crucial for starting your day off right and with the energy you need.  Instead of processing the wheat and enriching it with some of its original nutritional value, Kodiak Cakes leave the wheat as is which is free of GMO’s, preservatives and artificial additives (insert happy dance emoji)!  Just add water OR milk and you have a delicious meal in minutes!

Kids helping to make Kodiak Cake pancakes in a white kitchen

Making pancakes is a group effort!

Toddler boy pouring ingredients into bowl for making pancakes

Cars not included haha!

Dad and daughter making Kodiak Cake pancakes in a white kitchen at the stove.

Weekend mornings are MY FAVORITE!

Are there different flavors of Kodiak Cakes Pancakes?

There is a recipe for everyone, trust me.  On this particular morning we gave the Gluten Free flapjacks a try, and also gave them 5 stars!  Did I mention they have 13g of protein?!  A much needed boost on a long cold weekend day in the winter.  We also whipped up the Almond Poppy Seed (my personal fave), and the Peanut Butter (kids fave) to have for later in the week (more on that below)!  The sweet aroma of the Almond Poppy Seed filled the air as soon as it hit the griddle!  The Peanut Butter flapjacks are super hearty, and will fill those little bellies and get them ready for lots of learning!

Kodiak Cakes pancakes: gluten free, almond poppyseed, peanut butter and dark chocolate

The line up!

Pancake mold of a bear leaning up against pancake mix box

SHOP THE Teddy Bear Pancake Mold

Whisking Kodiak Cakes pancake mix

Helping hands!

Pancake batter pouring onto skillet

How to make and store pancakes ahead of time

When we make pancakes on the weekend, we make sure to prepare TONS of extras!  The leftovers are great for breakfast for the busy week ahead.  Kodiak Cakes pancakes make great nutritious after school snacks too!  I simply label a ziploc with the flavor and date.  We then have a healthy and nutritious breakfast at our fingertips for the busy week ahead!

Boy holding up teddy bear shaped pancake made from Kodiak Cakes pancakes


Syrup pouring onto a stack of Kodiak Cakes pancakes with butter


Make pancakes ahead of time for the week and store in ziplocs

Nutritious breakfast for the week ahead!

In addition to pancakes, Kodiak Cakes offers a wide variety of other products too!  Check out my post on how to make easy overnight oats with Kodiak Cakes oatmeal!

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pancake mix being poured into a teddy bear pancake mold on a skillet



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  • I make pancakes with my kodiak cakes! And I just had a baby – Maren and we call her Mare Bear – that bear would be perfect!

  • Great way to get protein in my kids in the morning! I need to try some more flavors I think!

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