What is barre3

Missouri lifestyle blogger Emmy Lou Styles shares about barre3

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Be sure to check out these props so you can get the full benefit of a barre3 workout from home!

What is barre3?

Women posing next to barre3 sign at local studio

I didn’t start taking barre3 until May of 2019.  Prior to trying barre3 I was taking a different form of Barre, but the cardio aspect was lacking for me. Luckily, I had several friends and family members who are longtime fans and convinced me to give it a try!

As the name suggests, the workout consists of 3 parts:

  1. Cardio
  2. Strength Training
  3. Mindfulness

Throughout any class, an instructor will lead you through several sustained holds, small movements that really get into the muscles, and a few cardio bursts too.

What can I expect in a barre3 class?

Classes are typically 60 minutes, but some studios offer 45 min sessions as well which is just a condensed version of all three parts mentioned above.  Studios resemble what you might find in a ballet studio.  Mirrors line the walls, and a ballet barre lines the walls as well.  Each individual has their own spot at the barre between two brackets.  Besides barre work, you will move about to your own area on the floor for cardio and strength training. Classes typically end with core work on a mat, and some great stretching and mindfulness at the very end.  Each class includes cardio, strength training and mindfulness however each class is vastly different too (which I LOVE)!

Instructors are incredibly welcoming and encouraging.  If there are certain movements or poses you can’t do that day (or ever) there are always other ones that will have similar impacts that are encouraged.

Women practices barre3 anywhere next to a pool

What types of results will I see from taking barre3?

One of the best (if not very best) parts about this workout is that it is something EVERYONE can do.  I love how I feel after taking a class, and I truly look forward to going.  It allows me to turn off autopilot with mindful movements and focus on myself for 45-60 minutes.  I have also noticed a BIG improvement in my flexibility, along with being able to hold plank for an entire minute now!  Something I didn’t used to be able to do!  Overall I feel like my muscles look a lot more toned and sculpted too.

What should I wear / bring to a barre3 class?

You will definitely want to wear leggings and a breathable top.  I usually wear a tank top because I tend to sweat a bit.  Most people do the class barefoot, however some do wear the barre gripper socks.  Your studio will provide towels, but some people do prefer to bring their own.  Be sure to bring a HUGE water bottle too!



How much do barre3 classes cost?

Woman sitting on floor in barre3

If you ever want to just try a class to see if it’s something you’re interested in, you can contact your studio to see about taking a complimentary class.  The Saint Louis studio offers the following (again, check your local studio for pricing in your area).

  • 1 class = $24
  • 5 Class Package = $105
  • 10 Class Package = $190
  • New Client = 3 for $40 (one time only)
  • Monthly Unlimited = $150/month

I’m curious, have you tried barre3?  What did you think?  I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have.  Drop me an email or comment below!

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