The Ultimate Lifestyle Calendar for the Busy Woman

Lifestyle Calendar for the busy gal

If you follow me over on Instagram, you may have seen my announcement recently for this amazing lifestyle calendar!  I am partnering with my friend Laura from Frills Paper + Goods to bring you a calendar each month that is full of reminders, events, and dates to remember!  Read on to learn more!

Who is the lifestyle calendar for?

Ok, so a little background on how this whole idea came to be (because I love hearing how stuff like this comes to be).  In early January I mentioned on stories that I needed a new desk calendar.  Laura (we used to work together at a shoe company) who also has her own paper studio said “hello, I can make you one!”  In my mind I was thinking ok yeah, great, this will be just for me.  But after one lunch together our ideas for this started overflowing!  It quickly became something more. . . the calendar every gal needs.  We realized that nothing like this really exists in today’s marketplace.  Sure, there are calendars with all of the standard things like holidays but what about all of those OTHER things that seem to sneak up on us?!

What is on the calendar?

The lifestyle calendar is full of reminders, events, and dates to remember.  It is meant to be an easy, subtle reminder / cue to help you stay on top of your game as a busy gal!  We waited to launch with February, because let’s face it – January is the longest.month.ever.  Our February calendar has reminders like scheduling your yearly dermatologist check up, or starting to research summer camps for your kids (yep, those sign ups start NOW)!

When and where are new calendars available?

A new calendar will be live right here on my site the 1st day of each month!

How can I get access to the calendar?

pink desk chair and cane desk displaying desktop calendar

The calendar is currently available in 3 different formats!  There is a small fee for the desktop + print versions ($2), but the Google Calendar is FREE!

  • Desktop
  • Print
  • Google Calendar

We will be launching the iCal version soon too!

We hope you use and love the calendar as much as we do!  Laura and I are having so much fun planning these out each and every month!  If you use it, be sure to share how you use it on your social media channels by tagging @emmyloustyles and @frillspaper + using #frillspaperxemmyloustyles


More about Frills Paper + Goods:
Frills is about the details. The way things are assembled, interesting little surprises, alternate printing techniques, that extra touch of hand lettering, all those frills that make paper look good.  Check out the shop here!



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