How To Choose a Carpet Runner for Your Stairs

If you’re in the Saint Louis area and looking for help with your home flooring needs, check out Champion Floor Company! We worked with them recently to update the carpet runner on our stairs, and it turned out beautifully!

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We moved into our house a little over 8 years ago and one of the first things we did was have this carpet runner installed on our stairs that leads up to our now kids bedrooms and office (8 years ago there were no kids)!  Hard to remember those times!  But I digress…we are hitting that point where it’s time to start making some updates to our home.  And one of those recent updates was our carpet runner on our stairs.  TA – DA!

Neutral colored Stanton carpet runner


Carpet Runner with Trellis pattern



Why Add a Stair Runner?

The main reason we prefer a stair runner in our home is for safety reasons.  Without the runner, the stairs are super slick hardwood, and that just won’t work for us.  In addition to safety, it obviously is also a great way to add style to your space too.

How to choose a neutral stair runner

What are the Best Carpet Types for a Stair Runner?

This is where I called in the experts 🙂 Kim and Kristen (fabulous sister duo) from Champion Floor Company helped walk us through choosing the best type of stair runner for our space.  Kim was awesome!  She listened to what I envisioned and showed us options across various price points that might accomplish my vision.

One of the main things Kim pointed out was making sure we pick something durable.  The stairs are a high traffic area, so you want something that is going to hold up.  Typically wools and nylons are the most desirable options, and tend to be the most durable too.  Champion Floor offers a huge selection of both, and across various price points too!

Tips for selecting a carpet runner

Brands like Masland, Stanton, Mohawk, and Shaw all have some amazing options for stair runners!  Champion Floor can work with almost any budget.  Obviously, the more “designer type” styles and finishes are going to be on the higher end of pricing (i.e.$20-$30 per squarefoot).  The style we chose and area we focused on is in the moderate range ($13 – $19 per square foot).  But again, Champion has lots of options in other lines (different carpet yarn materials, structure, patterns, binding options, etc) that can get you a much different budget (i.e. less than $5 pre square foot).

How to choose a carpet runner for stairs

Pattern vs. Solid?

This is definitely a personal preference, and the Emily of 8 years ago was digging on patterns, but tastes change and this time I was looking for something with less of a pattern.  I wanted a neutral that will blend well with the rest of our surroundings, especially since we are planning a big reno for the start of next year.  I really like the jute look, but wanted something a little softer in texture.  Several of the options shown below were mostly solid, but some had a bit of a pattern too.

Choosing a carpet runner

Tips for picking a stair runner

Ways to Lay a Carpet Runner on the Stairs

There are two ways to lay a carpet runner.  We chose to go with the waterfall method again.  This works best when you are using a thicker carpet such as wool blends.  Using the waterfall technique allows the carpet to go directly over the edge of the stair and bring it right down to the meet the tread of the next step, and so on and so forth.

Why add a stair runner

You can also opt for the Upholstered technique, which is a tad more tailored.  The carpet is carefully wrapped around the edge of each stair and tucking it under the lip so it is flush with the step.  This option tends to work better with thinner carpets.

I hope this post was helpful to you if you’re considering a stair runner or looking to replace a current one!  If you’re local to Saint Louis, MO I can’t recommend Champion Floor Company enough for your carpet + stair runner needs!

Check out this post to learn more about family owned Champion Floor Company in Saint Louis, Missouri!  Also, the crew at Champion Floor has been kind enough to offer my audience free Dustfree Sanding on any sand and finish project ($275 value) you book in 2020! All you have to do is mention you saw it here.

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  • Love this! Which style of Antrim carpet did you use? I am looking at the same line of carpets doe a runner and love yours.

    • Hi Tracy! It’s the Align in Tarnished Nickel by Stanton. Hope that helps!

  • Love your stairway carpet! I’m currently looking at a similar Stanton carpet for stairs that’s also a wool/poly silk blend. How is your carpet holding up? Is it difficult to clean? Any regrets? Thank you!

    • Hi Diane- Thank you! It is holding up really well! We have had it since October and so far so good. It gets A LOT of traction too as my office is upstairs and so are both kids bedrooms. Hope that helps! Good luck!

      • Thank you! I looked at your exact carpeting at our local flooring store. It’s beautiful! The salesman thought it was too thick for stairs but you used it and it’s gorgeous!

        • It’s definitely thicker than what we had on it previously…I think my blog post shows the one we had before. Yeah, so far so good with this one! Like I said, the stairs get A LOT of traction haha. I am sure whatever you choose will be perfect. Best of luck! Let me know if you end up having more questions. Take care!

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