20+ Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls Ages 5-7

20 + Gifts for girls ages 5 to 7

No. 1 Glitter Bow Headbands // No. 2 DIY Jewelry Kit // No. 3 Cat Ear Earmuffs  // No. 4 Ice Cream Cone Sleeping Bag // No. 5 Unicorn Headphones // No. 6 Orbeez Foot Spa // No. 7 Rainbow Slime Kit // No. 8 Magnetic Poetry Maker // No. 9 Ozmo Frozen 2 Game // No. 10 Sequin Sweater // No. 11 Bicycle Helmet // No. 12 Amelia Bedelia I Can Read Book  // No. 13 Scented NonToxic Nailpolish  // No. 14 Doll Clothing Set // No. 15 Chalk Trail  // No. 16 Hooded Bath Robe // No. 17 Guess Who Board Game  // No. 17 Guess Who Board Game // No. 18 LOL Surprise Camper //  No. 19 Rainbow Slippers // No. 20 Rainbow Hair Barbie

20+ Holiday gift ideas for girls right here all in one spot!  This list focuses on girls between ages 5-7.  I really try to follow the something you need, something to read, something to wear, and something to share rule, and this list definitely covers those categories.  All items in the picture are linked, plus there are a few additional ideas mixed in below too!

For the Doll Lover

If you’re shopping for a girl that loves dolls, particularly American Girl, scoop up this set of doll clothing.  The set includes 7 outfits, 2 pairs of shoes and various other accessories for under $25!  Keep in mind you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on American Girl merchandise, Target has a great line of doll accessories that fit AG dolls!

Layla is becoming more enamored with Barbie.  The Rainbow Sparkle Hair Barbie jumped right out at her in one of the toy catalogs.

LOL Dolls.  I keep waiting for these things to not be cool anymore, but so far that hasn’t happened.  This will likely be Layla’s BIG gift this year.  I’m hoping for a great Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal so stay tuned!

For the Crafter

I love craft sets as gift ideas for girls.  It keeps kids busy and away from the TV or screens.  This DIY Jewelry Kit is darling.  The case is sturdy and will keep all the pieces contained too!

The Osmo Super Studio Disney Frozen 2 game is compatible with iPads and Fire Tablets.  Layla’s old daycare had several Osmo games and she would also talk about them so I think this is something she will love this year.  The Osmo games do require a special case which can be purchased here.

Slime kits.  Love em’ or hate em’ they are all the rage right now.  Layla loves to make her own (which is fine and tons of recipes can be found via Pinterest), but this Rainbow Slime kit appears to do a good job of keeping all items contained in a convenient carrying case.

Active Play

Do you have a girl that recently learned to ride a bike on her own?  I thought this ChalkTrail toy looked so fun!  You simply attach it to the back bike tire, insert chalk, and go for a ride.  If anything, it seems like a fun activity that will keep kids busy for awhile!  You can make an entire gift set by throwing in one of these adorable colorful bike helmets!

Soccer lovers will love the Swingball Reflex Set.  It’s kind of like playing tetherball, but soccer instead.

Layla really wants a pair of roller skates and this brand comes in tons of colors and prints!  They are adjustable too!

For the Fashionista

My kids love their robes, but it’s time for some new ones!  This one comes in several pastel colors and there’s an option for adding a name too! You can make another gift set too, by throwing in these cute rainbow slippers!

Sequin color changing clothing is pretty popular in this house.  H&M always has the cutest sequin styles too!

These sparkle bow headbands were in Layla’s Easter basket earlier this year.  They come as a set of 10 and have held up SO well.

Piggy Paint is such a great nail polish option for little ones because it’s non-toxic!  This set comes with several colors too! I’m all about these gift set ideas too, you could pair the scented nail polish with the Orbeez Foot Spa.  Apparently kids just really like the look and feel of these!

Layla is in a headband phase right now, and these cat ear earmuffs caught my eye.  Super cute!

For the Bookworm

I love watching Layla learn to read.  It’s quite possibly one of the best things ever, and I love that she loves it too.  We spend a lot of time in our kitchen, so I think this magnetic poetry maker will be so fun (and educational)! I saw my girl Hoda Kotb talking about the  Dear Girl Book on the Today Show recently and I just love the message it sends to young girls.  This is on my list. Amelia Bedelia books have been around for ages and I love the nostalgia it brings.

I’m including the darling ice cream cone sleeping bag in the bookworm section.  She can curl up in this cute little sleeping bag with a book!  I got the kids these last year and they LOVE them (Henry’s is a rocket ship sleeping bag)!

Board Games

Add to cart now on this one! When I saw that the Guess Who game is back in an updated version I squealed with delight!  I LOVED this game as a kid and I want to share it with my kids!  Another blast from the past is Mouse Trap.  It’s ages 6 and up and I think this is one that we will enjoy!

I hope you found this gift ideas for girls post helpful!  Please add any other ideas or suggestions you have in the comments below to help everyone out!  Be sure to check out all of my other gift guides too while you are here!

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  • Thanks! These are great and it’s so nice to have them all in one spot and easier to refer back to. I shared this post with family and told them to pick something to gift our 8 year old for Christmas since she would like every item!

    • This makes my day! So glad it was helpful! I really tried to curate a list that was practical and fun! Happy Holidays!

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