20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Boys Ages 3 and Up

A gift guide featuring holiday gifts for toddler boys ages 3 and up


No. 1 Magna Tiles 48pc Set // No. 2 Timber Planks Set // No.3 Toy Story 4 Mr. Potato Head // No.4 Bath Robe // No. 5 Star Wars ABC Book // No. 6 Star Wars Play Doh Set // No.7  Shutterfly Art Book // No. 8 Classic Lego Set for Beginners // No. 9 Soccer Ball Sweatshirt // No. 10 Hover Soccer Ball Game // No. 11 Hot Wheels Track Builder Bundle // No. 12 Hungry Hungry Hippo // No. 13 Twister // No. 14 Water Wow Reveal Pads // No. 15 Dinosaur Slippers // No. 16 Marble Run Super Set  // No. 17 Personalized Name Crayons //No. 18 Native Slip On Shoes // No. 19 Toy Story Forky Creativity Set // No. 20 Toy Story Matching Game 

20 Holiday gift ideas for toddler boys right here all in one spot!  This list focuses on boys ages 3 and up.  I really try to follow the something you need, something to read, something to wear, and something to share rule, and this list definitely covers those categories.  All items in the picture are linked, plus there are a few additional ideas mixed in below too!  What is your little mans wish list this year?

For the Bookworm

Henry loves reading, especially lately as he sees his big sis learning to read.  We snagged the Star Wars ABC Book at the book fair a few weeks ago.  It has been a hit as he is starting to get more into Star Wars.

This idea sort of blends books with art.  I take photos of most of my kids artwork in order to one day make an Art Book via Shutterfly.  I’m WAY behind, but hoping to catch up before Christmas this year and gift both kids one of these books.


STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.  Toys in this category help kids explore and examine how the world works.  Magna Tiles are great for this! We have a few already and Henry has become pretty obsessed with them lately so I think it’s time to expand our collection a bit.

Timber Planks are another great STEM toy. These are great for building up and knocking down.  We have a foam block set that has been a big hit in our house, so these would be a great addition.

The Marble Run Super Set gets great reviews, and feels like something both of my kiddos would enjoy.  They could have races.

Legos are STEM toys right?  I’m not an expert, but it feels right.  Henry is starting to get into these so the Classic Legos Beginner Set seems like it’ll be perfect.

For the little artist

Water Wow Reveal Pads are the best invention ever when you need a quick, no mess craft.  They are great for road trips too!

I’m fairly certain these personalized name rainbow crayons were an ad that popped up for me on IG and oh my gosh how stinking cute are these?!

Toy Story 4 has been a popular choice in our house after our trip to Disney earlier this year. I came across this Forky Creativity Set where you can make your own which I thought was pretty cute.

For the dapper dude

Holiday time is always a great time to update or add a few pieces to his closet.  This soccer ball sweatshirt is only $10 and comes in several different prints.

H&M for the win again in the kids clothing department.  These darling green dinosaur slippers would be perfect for your little dude!

I buy a pair of Native Slip on shoes each year for my kids.  They are the perfect spring/summertime shoe because they are waterproof and breathable but still protect their little toes from harm.

Both kids love their bathrobes.  We don’t own this one, but Tucker and Tate is a great brand.  I suggest sizing up so he can have for several years.

Active Play

There’s no doubt we are a soccer family these days, and the hover soccer ball game seems like a great game for both kiddos.  Perhaps this will be their group gift this year?

Henry received his first Hot Wheels track for his birthday over the summer and it has been a fave ever since.

Board Games

Age 3 feels like a good age to start teaching how to take turns, and board games are perfect for that. Hungry Hungry Hippo is a classic.

After stumbling across Mouse Trap and having a nostalgia moment, Twister popped into my head as a great idea! Pretty sure the age on this game is a tad older, but c’mon it’s teaching them colors and shapes!  I say anything goes!

Last but not least, and this isn’t a board game but a matching game.  The Toy Story 4 Matching Game is inexpensive and fun! Be sure to check out all of my other gift guides too!

What gift ideas for toddler boys have you found so far?  Tell me in the comments below!  And don’t forget to subscribe to my weekly newsletter so you can have all of my blog posts delivered straight to your inbox!

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