What’s WINESTIQ + 8 Of The Best Rosés

Are you a wine drinker, but hate the headaches it can bring?  WINESTIQ is the best new thing to help take the sulfites out of your wine and reduce your headaches!  Plus I’m sharing 8 of the best rosé’s right now too based on what I’m loving and what you recommended!  Read on to learn more!

What are sulfites in wine?

The sulfites that are often added to wine are there to help prolong the shelf life.  However these sulfites can cause side effects such as headaches, hives, and facial redness.

How to remove sulfites from your wine

So the science behind this is somewhat complex and you can read more details about it on the Winestiq website, but the process is actually quite simple.  Take one of the sticks and simply stir in your fave glass of red, white, rosé or sparkling wine for 10 seconds.  That’s it!  Drink and enjoy your wine with no difference in taste!  Use code EMILY20 to get 20% off your WINESTIQ purchase!

affordable rosés for summer

The best rosés

I recently asked for your input on IG stories around what your favorite rosés are and you guys brought it and then some!  So many great recos that I can’t wait to try all summer long.  I decided to put them into this post because I thought we could all benefit from having them in one spot to refer to all summer long! And this way you can read more about each one too.  Enjoy!


I haven’t had this one, but it came highly recommended from a follower, and it looks like a super affordable wine too (i.e around $12).


Another one I haven’t tried yet, but came highly suggested by a few of you! Their site looks so fun too!  The wine comes in a can which feels perfect for the summer months!


This is a rosé I’ve tried this summer and it’s one I will continue to buy.  Super affordable too at $15 a bottle!


Multiple recos on this one and I agree!  It’s one I’ve had and have bought a few times!  It’s usually around $20.

Whispering Angel

Pricier, not normally a weeknight wine as one follower said LOL!  I can totally relate! 🙂

La Crema

This one is on my list!

Caymus Conundrum

Several recos for this one!  The prettiest shade of pink!

Bertrand Coté Des Roses

Super cool bottle and typically under $15!

Check out another wine post with 18 wines under $25 too!

Pin these 8 best rosés so you have them for later!

best affordable rosés

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