Retinol Oil by EVER Skin reviewed by top US beauty blog, Emmy Lou Styles: Image of woman holding bottle of retinol oil.

One of my favorite products lately is the Overnight Facial Oil by EVER Skin.  It smells so good and the texture is NOT greasy.  If you’re not familiar with retinol, it is highly effective in reversing the signs of aging such as reducing fine lines, tightening pores, and stimulating collagen production.  It helps with evening out skin color due to years of sun damage too.

Why I love EVER Skin Overnight Facial Retinol Oil

Product Details

What makes EVER’s retinol oil different you ask? It’s HIGHLY effective, but also gentle and clean.  The formula works while you sleep so you wake up to smoother and brighter skin.  The pic below shows you a before and after of my actual results from using EVER’s Overnight Facial Oil consistently every other night for 2 months.  My overall complexion is smoother and clearer after using this product.

EVER Skin before and after from using Overnight Facial Oil with retinol. Image of woman's face before and after using retinol, featured by top US beauty blog, Emmy Lou Styles.

How to use EVER’s Facial Retinol Oil:

It’s always best to test a little bit of the product on your hand just to make sure you don’t have any allergic reactions.  Retinol oil should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing.  EVER’s Overnight Facial Oil is the very last step in my night time skin care routine.  After I’ve cleansed and applied EVER’s Youthful Serum, then I apply one dropper full of the retinol oil in a gentle circular motion all over my face, neck and chest.  When using the Overnight Facial Oil, I don’t apply a moisturizer on those nights.  On nights when I apply the oil, I also use my jade roller because it’s the perfect consistency for gliding across the face.  The oil is not greasy and I haven’t experienced any staining to my pillowcases from this product, but on nights when I apply it I try to sleep on my back.

Retinol Oil by EVER Skin reviewed by top US beauty blog, Emmy Lou Styles: Image of woman holding bottle of retinol oil.



EVER’s Overnight Facial Oil (and all other EVER products too) are cleanical.  Cleanical is a term that EVER has coined because their products are clean AND also have clinically proven results.  Some of the key players in this retinol oil are …

  • Tetrapeptide – one of the most effective and clinically proven peptides for diminishing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sesame Seed Oil – known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties
  • Sunflower Oil – moisturizing and reduces redness
  • Jojoba Oil –helps to reduce signs of aging such as fine lines + super hydrating

You can find a complete list of ingredients here.  EVER’s Overnight Facial Oil was also selected as one of the 10 Best Over the Counter Retinol Creams that actually work too!


Retinol Oil by EVER Skin. Image of white bath robe, jade roller and retinol oil, featured by top US beauty blog, Emmy Lou Styles

Bath Robe

Blue Light Glasses

Jade Roller

The EVER Skin overnight facial oil contains retinol and peptides that are proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, review featured by top US beauty blog, Emmy Lou Styles

Questions on this retinol oil?  Please just ask!  Don’t be intimidated, I just started taking care of my skin in the last year and this brand has 100% transformed my outlook! Click here to learn all about my EVER journey!



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