The Best Pink Lip Gloss for Fair Skin

Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of wearing lipsticks and lip glosses, but I recently found the best pink lip gloss for fair skin, and I can’t live without it!  Read on to learn more!

pink lip gloss for fair skin

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A friend of mine introduced me to Beauty Counter not that long ago, and I’ve slowly started incorporating many of these products into my daily skin and make up routines. But I’m not here to chat about all of the other BC products, just the gloss today! I literally have the thinnest lips known to man, yet I don’t do much about changing that.  Haven’t tried filler, and barely use lipstick.

What is the best pink lip gloss for fair skin

Enter Beauty Counter Beyond Gloss in this punchy raspberry color!

What is Beyond Gloss?

A non-sticky, great smelling gloss with just the right amount of color!  Beyond Gloss contains responsibly sourced organic vanilla so it has a nice subtle scent, and it’s good for you ingredients too.  It’s formulated with a blend of waxes that help lock in moisture without the stickiness.  I was nervous to grab this raspberry color at first because I thought it would be too much, but it turns out it’s just right!  It’s definitely a color that works now (end of summer) and into fall too!

There are tons of different colors, so there’s definitely something for everyone!  I’ve got my eye set on trying Mulberry for fall and I’ve heard that Rosewood is another color that is flattering on all skin tones!


Beauty Counter Beyond the Gloss pink lip colors

How much does Beyond Gloss cost?

The price point is great!  It’s under $30 for a quality gloss that has good for you ingredients too. I love that Beauty Counter’s lip products are very reasonably priced.  The Sheer Genius Conditioning Stick is another great lip option!  It’s more of an actual lipstick, with a creamy, nourishing texture to it.  Orchid Cool Berry is similar to the raspberry Beyond Gloss color.

Beauty Counter’s mission is simple.  They want to get cleaner and safer products into the hands of everyone. There are over 1,800 ingredients that Beauty Counter NEVER uses in of their products!

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