10 Botox Questions and Answers

I’ve rounded up the top 10 Botox questions and answers I’ve received from YOU + my own questions I had before going my first time.  Botox is a word that I never thought much about until a few years ago.  Some of my friends started doing it, and I was intrigued by their results, so I decided to see for myself. Just a warning, I can’t quite believe I’m putting these mugshot looking pics of my mug out on the internet.  But if it helps one of you with questions you might have then I’ve done my job.  Let’s get down to your Botox questions and answers, shall we?

10 Botox Questions and Answers

Why did I get Botox?

It’s something I had thought about doing for awhile because I’m a tired working mama, and want to try and look a teeny tiny bit more awake and youthful!  But believe me, it was something I took forever to decide to do, and I worried about too.

Where did you go to get Botox?

I went to Nayak Plastic Surgery here in Saint Louis, MO and saw Shannon Wood, she is an experienced nurse practitioner and licensed injector.  I view this as a medical procedure, and think it’s important to have it done in a professional environment.  Shannon takes time to really look at your facial structure and muscles to determine what is going to work best for you.   I was SUPER nervous the first time I went last year, but Shannon eased those nerves and made sure I was comfortable with everything she was doing.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to see someone that you TRUST.

Side note for the local ladies…Nayak Plastic Surgery often runs a big sale in late November and it’s a great time to purchase services (such as Botox) for a discounted price.

Botox 10 questions and answers regarding the topic

Shannon Wood from Nayak Plastic Surgery administering Botox in my glabella.

Does it hurt to get Botox?

Nah.  I have gotten the numbing cream both times which has obviously helped.  But many people don’t even use the numbing cream from what I’ve heard.

How much does Botox cost?

$12/unit at Nayak Plastic Surgery.  This is pretty standard industry wide though. I have been told that some dermatologist offices will offer a small discount one time a month though.  So if you have a trusted dermatologist and you’re interested in trying Botox, that could be a good place to start.

How many units of Botox did you get and where?

24 units (which is VERY modest).

  • 4 units in brows (2 each)
  • 20 units in my glabella (i.e. my 11’s)

We did not do any in my forehead and likely never will.  I went into this the first time thinking I would get Botox in my forehead, however after talking with Shannon she advised me not to.  I have a small forehead and run the risk of it causing a droop.  I’m SO glad she told me this!

This second time around we decided to do a small little brow lift (2 units in each brow).  I have slightly heavier eyelids and these units just help to lift those muscles a bit.  I LOVE the results! It’s super subtle, but I feel like I look so much more awake and to me that is worth it!

How long does Botox last?

This is different for everyone, but typically 3-4 months.  I feel like I hold Botox pretty well and mine lasted closer to 6 months the first time I did it.  I’m hoping for the same this time around.

“I’m in my late 20’s should I get Botox?”

Totally a personal decision.  I know many people choose to do it starting in their 20’s as more of a preventative measure.

Can you pick the amount of Botox that you get?

Sure.  But if you are seeing a trained professional they will be able to determine the right amount for your facial features.

How is Botox administered?

Botox comes in a glass vial and then the correct amount of units are pulled up into a syringe and administered.

Will you do Botox again / Are you happy with the results?

Probably.  I’ve been told that my muscles hold Botox really well (i.e. lasts longer than the standard 3-4 months).  I keep it very modest and natural looking so the cost is never going to be astronomical in my opinion.  In fact, my favorite spot might be the brows!  It was super subtle but just enough that I feel a little lifted and more awake. As mentioned previously, I only got 4 total units in my brows which is only about $50.

Thinking of getting Botox? Pin this post for later!   Be sure to check out my every day skincare routine too!



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