My EVER Makeup Routine: 6 Essentials to Use Every Day

If you have been following me for a bit now, you know one of my favorite brands is EVER Skin.  If you’re new here, then allow me to introduce you!  Today I’ll be sharing some of the essentials from the EVER make up line, but you can visit this post to learn more about the anti aging regimen.  EVER make up (and their entire skincare product line) contains luxuriously clean ingredients with the right combination of natural, botanical and synthetic ingredients that ACTUALLY deliver results.

Ever Daily Face Foundation in Light Natural. image of ever skin blur powder and foundation sitting on granite counter top

The EVER Make Up Essentials

Canvas Priming Moisturizer

Daylight Treatment Corrector

Daylight Concealer

Daily Facial Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer

Blur Perfecting Powder

Daily Facial Foundation

This foundation is like no other product on the market right now. It’s literally a skincare treatment and product all rolled into one.  When it comes to green/natural/clean makeup, the list of full-coverage foundations is pretty non existent, until now. EVER’s daily facial foundation could easily be your every day foundation.  It is creamy (but lightweight) and creates an airbrushed appearance.  The ingredients help to create this look.  Ginger enhances the luminosity of your skin, red algae improves hydration, papaya enzymes get rid of dead skin sells giving you a healthy glow, and magnolia extract helps protect your delicate skin.

This is the foundation I have been using on days where I know I’m taking pictures or going out for the evening.  The long lasting coverage is perfect for any occasion, but since the price tag is a little more than I’ve spent on foundations in the past I want to be conservative in when I use it.  It’s easy to apply using a foundation brush.  I just put a little drop on the brush and start on my nose and spread outward over face, forehead, chin and neck.

Blur Perfecting Face Powder

I used Bare Minerals for YEARS and I always loved their Mineral Veil powder.  Blur Perfecting Face Powder is that, but better in my opinion.  This stuff is what is going to help set your foundation or tinted moisturizer.  It blurs away any redness you have and reduces uneven skin tone. It’s a translucent pressed powder that comes in a beautiful little compact.  To use, lightly press allover skin (paying close attention to forehead, nose and chin). Then proceed with your normal make up routine!

Ever Skin Daily Facial Foundation; image of women's face wearing Ever Skin's daily facial foundation

2.) Daylight Treatment Corrector (applied under eyes and on blemishes)
3.) Daylight Treatment Concealer, Light (applied under eyes and on blemishes)
Follow with your normal make up routine!

Daylight Tinted Moisturizer

This is my go to, won’t leave the house without something on my face thing that I must have.  If you haven’t used a tinted moisturizer before, it is exactly how it sounds.  It’s a moisturizer, but it’s tinted.  EVER’s Daylight Tinted Moisturizers come in six different colors, and help to smooth the appearance of fine lines.  It also hydrates and protects your skin leaving it with that glowy/dewy finish. It contains chemical free sunscreen protection (SPF32) so it’s safe to wear alone or under other make up.  One of the best ingredients in it is vitamin C which helps to visibly brighten skin tone.  It’s so easy to apply, squeeze a dime-sized amount onto finger tips and blend in a circular motion onto face, neck and décolleté.  Warning pic below is shortly after waking up and me applying this before hitting the gym.  I just love that it provides just enough coverage for me to feel OK about leaving the house haha!

Ever Skin Tinted Moisturizer. image of woman showing Ever Skin Tinted moisturizer on her face.

2.) Daylight Treatment Corrector (applied under eyes and on blemishes)
3.) Daylight Treatment Concealer, Light (applied under eyes and on blemishes)
Follow with your normal make up routine!

What’s the biggest difference between the Tinted Moisturizer and the Daily Foundation?

Both are going to provide you with amazing coverage (see side by side pic below) and contain good for you ingredients.  In my opinion the Daily Foundation provides more of a matte finish, whereas the Tinted Moisturizer provides more of that dewy glow.  Both are similar in price (the tinted moisturizer is a little bit cheaper) which as mentioned above is one of the reasons I use it more frequently.

Ever Daily Facial Foundation and Tinted Moisturizer comparison. image of woman comparing ever skin foundation and tinted moisturizer

LEFT:  Wearing Daily Face Foundation, Light Natural

RIGHT:  Wearing Daylight Tinted Moisturizer, Light

Perhaps the best part of this whole entire post is that you can get the Daily Facial Foundation, Brush, and Blur Perfecting Powder for FREE ($92 value) right now by purchasing the Pure Results Regimen!  Click here to purchase the regimen and then you will automatically be prompted to select the foundation set for FREE.  If you have any troubles, shoot me an email ([email protected]) and I can assist!

EVER has changed the way I think about skincare and make up.  This brand is doing amazing things and has solid support in the very competitive beauty world.   I would love to tell you more!




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