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Thanks for stopping by my little closet of the Internet and taking a moment to read my FIRST POST!!!  My name is Emily (middle name = Louise) . . .”Emmy Lou” to some of those closest to me. Emmy Lou Styles is a vision I’ve had brewing for awhile now.  I have regularly followed several blogs for many years and it has been a lot of fun, not to mention helpful with fashion and things like parenting.  I have always enjoyed styling and planning my outfits.  I am a passionate shopper that seeks out exactly what I’m looking for, I get giddy over great bargains, and I love to share all of this with others.  I may or may not have a shoe collection (yes, I do need 15 different pairs of brown booties, and no they do not look alike).  I think style is when you are able to piece together different items from different retailers to pull together something you love and feel fabulous in.  I believe leopard print IS a color.

I look forward to bringing you consistent content via Instagram, as well as more in depth stories and such right here.

In the meantime, feel free to learn a little more about me here.








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About Emily

Hi! I’m Emily; wife, mom of two, and all things digital freelance entrepreneur! This is a space where I share my love of all things style, home, family, DIY and more here in Saint Louis, MO. I’m so glad you’re here!

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