Hope everyone has had a great week with some nice weather wherever you are!  Without further adieu, here is this weeks Friday Favorites!


If you watch my stories then you saw me talking about the area rug saga last week.  We have been on hunt for one for our family room for a few months and we finally got one.  This is the 9×12 and it comes in off white (pictured), gray and navy.  The requirement for the rug was that it had to feel cozy.  We spend 98% of our time in our family room watching TV, playing with toys, etc. I realize this rug is off white and we have two kids, but you know what, I live here too 🙂  and want to enjoy my home.  I searched high and low and ultimately kept coming back to this one.  It does shed quite a bit, but most reviews say that does eventually stop.  We are just vacuuming a lot at the moment.  We also scotch guarded it so fingers crossed!

Textured Cable Knit off white area rug

Area Rug


I know what you’re thinking, another app?!  I said the same thing, but this app is a MUST.  The best way to describe it is IG stories but one on one with a friend.  You can also set up groups (which I haven’t done yet).  So the way it works is you video yourself talking and then send to your friend and they can watch on their own time.  I find it way easier than texting – especially when you’re receiving one of these because you can turn it on and let it rip while you’re doing a million and one other things haha!  Click here to download the app!


Time blocking is pretty new to me, at least in the sense of how I’m doing it lately.  As I continue to get adjusted to my self employed lifestyle I have a lot of different projects, clients and tasks that I’m responsible for.  I have started to read more about this technique and one thing that I have found to work for me is setting a timer.  The amount of time that I set the timer for really depends on the tasks at hand for the day.  I still have a lot to learn here, and I would love to hear from you if this is something you have mastered.


Did you see my post this week on some of the fun spring finds I picked up at Walmart for the kids?  Oh and one cute little sun hat for myself too!  Click on any of the images below to shop!


It’s hard to believe but we started our 5th year of ISR classes this past week! ISR stands for “Infant Swimming Resource” and are taught through one-on-one lessons.  ISR emphasizes the importance of safety in and around the water which is somewhat different than traditional swimming lessons.  Layla began taking lessons when she was 16 months, but kids as young as 6 months can take these lessons.  The foundation that these lessons are built on is teaching your child to flip to their back to float (rest and breathe).  As a child gets more comfortable with the floating technique they then learn more of the sequence where they swim a little, then float/rest, and continue to swim.  Layla has been a strong swimmer since about 2.5.  Henry began lessons around 19 months and is in his second year right now.  It’s truly amazing to see how far they have both come.  I’m actually a little emotional that Layla is nearing the end of ISR all together.  Her next step is to really start learning the different types of swimming strokes.  Here’s a throw back pic of her from her first year.

I should note, these classes are a HUGE commitment but so worth it.  We have a pool and felt that teaching our children water safety should be a number one priority.  When a child is first learning, they typically go 5 days a week for 10 minutes at a time.  As they become more advanced, then the time commitment drops a tad and only refresher courses are needed.  If you’re in the Saint Louis area and looking into ISR, be sure to check out Chuck Teasley. He truly is the Swim Doctor!  If you reach out to him be sure to tell him I sent you!


Infant Swimming Resource Lessons in Saint Louis Missouri

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