Non Toy Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

A non toy gift guide for kids of all ages

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Each year I’m flooded with questions from grandparents, aunts and uncles etc asking for gift ideas for our kids.  It’s wonderful to have so many family members that care about our kids and want to provide for them, but sometimes I struggle with naming off another toy that will likely be played with for a short time and then forgotten.  Which is why I have pulled together this list of non toy gift ideas for kids in partnership with Midwest BankCentre!

If you live in or around Saint Louis, Midwest BankCentre has a wonderful holiday offer around a Youth Savings Account During the months of November and December this year you can open one of these savings accounts for a child (17 and under) with a deposit of as little as $5!  The benefits include a 5% Annual Percentage Yield return up to the first $1,000 deposit, no minimums, and no fees.  As an added bonus, if you open one now through December you will receive a cute complimentary piggy bank for the child!  This is a great gift option for a grandparent or even a more distant relative that wants to give something to your kid(s) that they will have forever!  Click here to learn more about the Youth Savings Account!

Girl looking at piggy bank

This whole savings account gift concept got my mind going though, and I wanted to share a few other non toy related gift ideas.  Thanks to those of you that sent in some of these ideas when I asked on IG stories recently!

Subscription Services or Memberships

A monthly subscription or membership for an activity or place that they love is a great non toy gift idea for kids!  If you know a child that likes to cook, get them a monthly cooking membership.  A child that likes to read?  Sign them up for a learning magazine.

  • A Cooking Club (Raddish Kids is a great option) — use code EMMYLOU for $15 off a 6 month membership.
  • Highlights Magazine (my kids love the seek and find photo activity in these)
  • A Monthly Book Membership from Amazon

Local Attractions + Events

This is one that I’ve had the grandparents do in past years.  There are so many holiday themed shows and such during this time of year.  But it doesn’t have to be for something during the holidays either.  Sporting event tickets with a matching souvenir makes a great gift set.

  • Holiday Theatre Show or Ballet (i.e. Rudolph, The Nutcracker)
  • An upcoming Sporting Event
  • Movie Tickets (Frozen 2 opens this weekend)
  • A behind the scenes tour to one of their favorite local attractions (i.e. Zoo, sports stadium, petting zoo)

Lessons or Classes

If you have been considering letting your child try a new activity, many places offer gift certificates so you can pay for a few of their lessons.

  • Dance Lessons
  • Art Classes (many places such as Michael’s offers various arts/crafts classes for kids)
  • Paint Your Own Pottery
  • Horseback Riding Lessons
  • Piano Lessons
  • Swimming Lessons

Gift Cards

I know gift cards can sometimes come off as boring, but if it’s for an activity or an event that they want to attend, OR their favorite restaurant then it feels a tad bit more special.

What are some other non toy gift ideas for kids that aren’t on this list?  Tell me below!  And don’t forget to subscribe to my weekly newsletter so you never miss a blog post!

If you are in need of some toy ideas this season, be sure to check out my collection of gift guides!

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