20 For 2020 – My To Do List for The New Year

Midwest lifestyle blogger Emmy Lou Styles sits on couch and shares her 20 goals for 2020HOLY MOLY…a new decade is upon us!  How is that even possible?!  I can’t look forward without quickly looking back and reflecting on the last 10 years!  What an amazing decade it has been!

In 2010 we visited Europe for the first time (Paris, London and Amsterdam).

Couple posing in front of Eiffel Tower at night

Paris, 2010

We moved into our fixer upper (now home) in 2012…

Photo of a couple doing a kitchen renovation

Demo Day at our house in 2012

Obviously the high point for us was starting our family in 2013 and then growing it again in 2016…

Life style blogger Emily from Emmy Lou Styles shares her 20 for 2020 list

Baby Layla December, 2013

Life style blogger Emily from Emmy Lou Styles shares her 20 for 2020 list

Baby Henry August, 2016

I started this blog in 2017… I like to think my pics have come a long way LOL!

August 2017

We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary in September 2018 with a trip to Europe.  This time we visited Barcelona, Rome, Amalfi and London.  Italy is hands down my fave place on this Earth.

woman standing on beach in Amalfi

Amalfi Coast, October 2018

And in 2019 I walked away from the corporate grind to create my own path…

Life and style blogger jumping up and down

Peace out corporate grind!  March 2019

The ten years have been full of mostly ups, with a few downs thrown in but I’m excited for the next ten and what they hold for our family.  To get ready for 2020 I thought it would be fun to do a 20 for 2020 list of to do’s I have for myself in the new year.  Perhaps this list will spark a little inspo for you and what you want to add to your own to do list in 2020.

Fitness and wellness goals for the new year

Yoga on the beach in Amelia Island Florida

Take barre3 3x a week:  I discovered Barre3 earlier in 2018 through friends and family that were singing its praises.  I took a class for charity to try it out, and I haven’t looked back since!  I have a blog post planned for a few weeks from now that talks more about WHY I love this workout so so much!

Meal plan and prep on Sunday’s: I want to believe I will do this every Sunday, but realistically that won’t happen.  But adding to my list so that I can actively be conscience of this and try to plan out our meals on Sunday to avoid the quick let’s find something to eat or grabbing fast food.

Learn to use my veggie spiralizer: Alright so I by far have the veggie spiralizer with the least amount of bells and whistles haha, but I don’t care.  It will do the job!  I want to try making spaghetti squash!  If you have a go to recipe, share it below!

Drink more water: For some reason this one has been more difficult for me now that I work from home.  I swear I drank way more water when I worked in an actual office and the only reason I can think of is because I wanted to get away so I’d get up to get water and go mingle!  LOL!  I have always loved my Swell bottle and plan to fill her up every day in 2020.   This little straw attachment gadget makes the Swell way more functional too FYI!

Work goals for 2020

Women sitting outside working on laptop

Create an actual inspiration board: I’m talking old school cork bulletin board style.  It will live in my office and I’ll update it throughout the year.  I am often inspired by random things – pictures, magazines, photos in catalogs etc.  While I love Pinterest, I need something I can see every day and an escape from the digital side of things.  If Pinterest is your jam, be sure to follow me.

Inspire each other TOGETHER: I might be the author behind my blog, but I want this to be about ALL OF US.  I want you guys to share things that I share that I inspire you!  Maybe it’s a sweater I’m loving, or a helpful weeknight recipe that you try.  Whatever it is, share it and tag me!  This whole community is way more fun when we are all working together.  Together we can all see what people are enjoying, chatting about etc.  Please join me by tagging @emmyloustyles or using the hashtag #emmyloustyles on social media!

More consistency in my blogging / IG: Obviously I have many goals for my blog that are more personal to me that I won’t be sharing here in this post, however I will share what this means for YOU! I have created a more detailed editorial calendar for myself with planned out content for my blog AND for IG.  You can expect to see a more consistent flow of style inspo (NOT just new stuff), but REAL outfits I’m wearing to give YOU the inspo to put similar looks together with what you have.  I’ll be sharing more of our home and how I decorate, recipes, fitness and just our overall family life. You’ll see a lot more #motivationmonday with inspiring quotes in my stories, and #thriftythursday where I’ll share the latest pieces I’ve added to my Poshmark closet!

UNPLUG regularly: I’m talking put my phone away in a locked box (kind of) during the hours of 5:30-8 so I can be with my people.  And maybe not as much content being shared on Saturday’s or Sunday’s at times.  As much as I LOVE not having an office job, working in social media for a living is definitely a challenge.  It’s very difficult to unplug, but I’m hoping if I can set some boundaries for myself, I can be more present and focused.

Launch my consulting biz website: I had high hopes of launching it in 2019, but that didn’t happen.  So 2020 here we come!  Stay tuned my friends!

Use a paper planner like I mean it: I heard about the Passion Planner earlier this year at a networking event and I finally purchased it.  I cannot wait to start filling this bad boy up!  I got the large pink one so I have tons of space!  And I love these fun handwriting pens too!

Family Goals for the new year

Life and style blogger Emmy Lou Styles from Saint Louis shares her 20 for 2020 to do list to inspire you.

A monthly date with the hubs: Notice I’m not saying date night because newsflash, dates don’t have to be at night!  I love when we grab lunch together during the day, or heck run random errands together kid free (wish I was kidding) but I am not haha!  Finding time just the two of us is all that matters!  If you do need some date night inspo, check out my latest blog post on 3 date night looks from Evereve!

Take a Family Trip to somewhere drivable: One place I’d love to get to this year…ie next December is Big Cedar Lodge.  This is a quick 3-4 hour drive from Saint Louis and I hear it’s beautiful and magical during the Holiday season.  We will have plenty of lake trips over the summer too!

Journal with the kids at dinner time: I shared this 3 minute kids gratitude journal in my stocking stuffer gift guide and it was a huge hit with many of you.  Santa dropped these in the kids stockings and I’m keeping ours in our kitchen so it’s easily accessible and we remember to do it consistently.  It’s only $7 and a great family activity!

Be tourists in our city, maybe even a staycation?? Saint Louis has so many new (and existing) family friendly activities that we want to check out in the new year.  First and foremost the new Saint Louis Aquarium at Union Station.  Henry still needs to ride The Wheel, and we haven’t been to a Blues game as a family together yet just to name a few.  Perhaps we need a day or two dedicated to this?? And a stay at a hotel because kids always love staying at hotels haha!

Personal sanity goals for the year

5 Ways to Start Reading More_Woman sitting at coffee shop reading books

Listen to 1 book per month on Audible:  I started listening to books on Audible a couple of months ago.  I joined a book club with some of my close girlfriends and it has been fun to get together once a month and share our thoughts on books (plus consume copious amounts of wine too)!  PS – my fave wines can be found here.

Write in my One Line A Day journal more often: My One Line A Day Journal has been around for quite some time, but I still haven’t filled it up yet.  It sits on my nightstand and I plan to be a lot more diligent in writing in it this year and recording some of those things the kids say and do that I do not want to forget.

Monthly coffee dates with my gal pals: I have a great group of girlfriends and we all do different things.  Some of us work for ourselves, some are stay at home mom’s some work full time in an office.  But in 2019 we set up a reoccurring monthly coffee date and it has been a great way to get together and catch up.  I can’t wait to continue this in 2020!  Also coming this year, my favorite coffee shops to hit up in Saint Louis!

Post new items to my Poshmark store on a weekly basis: I try to operate on a one in one out mentality when it comes to my closet, but honestly that doesn’t always happen.  HOWEVER, I’m putting a focus on my Poshmark closet this year and posting things on a weekly basis so get ready!  It’s a great way for me to contribute to sustainability and do my part.

Get a massage from time to time: I think I had one the entire year of 2019 and that just isn’t enough.  And I only went because I had a gift card – also not OK.  What is OK is setting aside some time (and money) to do little things for yourself like this to help reset.

Designate an hour a week to organizing some place in our house: I’m talking add this to my calendar each week with a reminder so that I actually do it.  It can be anything – organizing the kitchen junk drawer, cleaning off the dining room table, picking up the playroom.  I’m hoping this helps cut down on the overwhelming feeling of my house is never in order haha!

What are some of your “to do’s” for the new year??  Share em’ below!  And don’t forget to sign up for my weekly email newsletter while you’re here!  An email delivered right to your inbox so you can read on your own time and easily refer back to content!

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  • We share a lot of the same goals. The date with husband resinates – we just scheduled an afternoon, that had started as a date night, and realized, wait – going for lunch and an afternoon out would be much more fun and the next day we won’t be all tired #old! You’ve had a great decade, here’s to the next, cheers!

    • Thanks Kim! You have too! I’m excited to see what’s in store for both of us these next 10! And yes, dates are a MUST. Happy New Year!

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