What’s In Our Pool Bag? Must Have Pool Items!

Summer is here! Time to pack up your bag and head to the lake or pool! I’ve rounded up my favorite must have pool items, scroll down to see them all!

This post was so fun to put together, and easy too!  Whenever packing up the fam for a day at the lake or pool, these are some of the items we can’t live without!  If you’re lucky enough to have a pool or lake to visit in this strange and different summer, read on!  Or if you’re just looking to hang out in your backyard this summer, there are tons of helpful items in this post.

what to pack for the pool or beach vacation

1.  Turkish Beach Towels from Amazon // 2. Affordable Insulated Water Bottles for Kids // 3. Toddler Aviator Sunglasses // 4. Speedo Goggles for Kids // 5. Inexpensive Sunglasses for Moms // 6. Sun Bum Spray Sunscreen from Target // 7. Mineral Based Sun Bum Face Sunscreen // 8. Initial Hats for Kids // 9.  Fairy Tales Leave In Conditioning Spray // 10.  Brumate Insulated Koozie // 11. Wonder Nation Girls Swim Cover up // 12.  Beauty Blenders // 13. Toddler Boy Swim Shirts from Amazon // 14. Teleties Hair Ties // 15.  Straw Hat // 16. Men’s Swim Shirt // 17.  Affordable White Swim coverup for women // 18. Chic Pool Slides for Women // 19.  Terry Knot Headbands // 20.  Waterproof Shoes for kids // 21. Striped Pool Raft

Must have pool items for kids

Packing up kiddos to head to the pool, lake or beach can certainly be quite the task.  But with this list of must have pool items you are more than covered!

We LOVE our Rey to Z hats!  I’ve had these for my kids for several years now and they have held up perfectly.  My kids wear theirs all year round but they are perfect for shielding little faces from the sun in the summer.  Use code EMMYLOU15 for 15% off your purchase now through 6/30/20!

My husband is one of the best online product researchers.  These Takeya 18oz insulated water bottles are a find by him, and a must for kids.  They are durable and keep beverages ice cold all day long.

Sunglasses are must have pool items for sure!  This two pack of toddler aviators from Amazon are great!  Tons of colors and super affordable!

A new must have pool item this year are these beauty blenders from Amazon!  Thanks to the gals over at The Babbling Blondes for introducing me to using a beauty blender to apply sunscreen to my kids faces!  GENIUS!

Walmart is bringing it lately with kids clothing.  This super cute retro looking coverup is darling and Layla loves it!  I always make sure I have a swim shirt on hand for Henry too.

Must have pool items for moms

Sunscreens are obvious must have pool items.  I have been loving the SunBum spray lately, and it rates well in terms of safe ingredients too on the EWG (Environmental Working Group) website. The SunBum mineral face sunscreen has been on repeat for us too.

If you’re looking for some new and fun beach towels, these Turkish beach towels available on Amazon come in TONS of colors and hold up well!

Teleties are some of my favorite hair ties for both myself and Layla.  They don’t pull your hair out and they keep it in place too.  Not to mention, they look kinda cute on your wrist too.

If you’ve been following me over on Instagram, then you have seen me sporting these knotted headbands from Seamarie Designs for several weeks now!

What’s in your pool bag this summer?  Tell me below!


What's in my Pool bag

Need a new beach bag to stow all the things listed above?  Check out these great choices below!

Looking for more must have summer items?  Check out my latest post on some of my favorite summer items from Target too!

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