Our Organized Kids Playroom with Organized Interiors

Our kids designated play area is our basement, and if I’m being honest it stresses me out!  Until I met Kelly from Organized Interiors in Saint Louis!  She worked her magic and gave us the most amazing organized kids playroom!  Read on to see how she did it (and for a special offer)!

We turned part of our basement into the kids playroom right before Layla’s first birthday (she’s almost 7).  It was a mad dash at that time to get it completed before hosting her 1st birthday party which I went insanely overboard on haha!  OOOPS.  Anyways, fast forward to current day and there were toys everywhere, and frankly it stressed me out.  Nothing seemed to have a place.  Then I met Kelly from Organized Interiors and she made my organization dreams come true!

Organized kids playroom with long shelf


{she even created fancy schmancy labels for some of the bins too}!!!

Quick tips to get an organized kids playroom

Whether or not you use a professional organizer like Kelly, the key is to set aside the time to just do it!  But investing in someone to help was a game changer for us.  Cleaning up and making heads and tails of this area has been on my list for years (not kidding), but I never wanted to take the time to figure out what types of things to use for storage or just sitting down to actually do the work.  We are pretty good about purging toys from time to time so it didn’t feel super overwhelming in terms of having a lot to get rid of.

In our case, we really just needed to make a place for things.  So without further adieu here are a couple tips on how to get an organized kids playroom:

  1. Sort toys by category
  2. Determine a place for things (i.e. board games, crafts etc)
  3. What organization tools do you have that you can still use? What new things do you need to buy?
  4. Create a pile for toys to donate / sell
  5. Trash the trash (i.e. missing pieces to toys, random happy meal toys etc)

Organization process for kids playroom


Playroom before being organized


{that little white cabinet is the perfect spot for board games now}!


Why Should You Use a Professional Organizer?

Bottom line, she saved me precious time!  We are all busy these days and have things on our lists that just aren’t getting done.  This was one of those things for me that by checking it off my list, I felt like a weight had been lifted!  Things just don’t seem as messy now because EVERYTHING.HAS.A.PLACE {insert praise hands}!!  She just thought about it in a way that I hadn’t.  We have an entire cabinet underneath the TV in our playroom that wasn’t being used.  Now all of our board games go there.  And the craft table was a hodgepodge mess, but this moveable utility cart is the answer to my prayers!  Kelly added a bunch of little cups and inserts to keep markers, crayons, pencils etc organized!  Our long shelf (which was a DIY of mine several years back) now includes these storage bins that are perfect for bulky toys like trucks and transformers!  The best part was we were able to use a lot of the clear storage bins with lids that I already owned too!

Book organization for kids playroom

PRO TIP from KELLY:  Use these little connectable book storage organizers for storing things like coloring books + construction paper!


Organized kids playroom with storage bins

See the entire transformation in real time over on my IG page!  Click here!

Organized kids playroom with shelving


Organized kids playroom with long shelf

Kids craft table in a playroom


Organized kids playroom with craft table

I can’t thank Kelly enough for helping get this area in tip top shape!  If you’re in the Saint Louis area, contact Kelly for a consultation and make sure you mention this post!  She’s offering all of you my wonderful friends an amazing offer!

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How to Organize a kids playroom



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