Valentine’s Day Clothes for Women and Kids

Valentine’s Day is upon us!  Time to break out the red and pink Valentine’s Day Clothes for you and the fam (ok, maybe not dad).  I have rounded up my favorite festive Valentine’s Day clothes from across the worldwide web for boys, girls, and YOU!

Girls Clothing for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Clothes for Girls

1. Pink Heart Print Sweatshirt // 2.  Sequin Heart Hat // 3. Heart Patterned Pajamas // 4. Pink Converse for Girls // 5. Heart Print Dress // 6.  Heart Patterned Sweater // 7. Heart Print Skirt // 8. Heart Shaped Sunglasses 9. Heart Patterned Socks // 10.  Heart Print Purse // 11.  Conversation Heart Pajamas // 12.  Red Sequin Heart Dress for girls

Most of the girl Valentine’s Day outfits are from H&M!  I adore their kids clothing because it’s fun and different and it does hold up well.  We definitely don’t make a huge deal for Valentine’s Day, but I usually get the kids just a little something to open.  I haven’t decided yet, but Layla is likely getting the heart shaped sunglasses for girls or the heart shaped purse!

Valentine’s Day Clothing for Boys

Valentines Day Clothes for Toddler Boys

  1.  #charming Tee // 2.  Red Athletic Socks for Boys // 3. Red Pajama Set // 4. You’re My Jam Tee // 5. Red Joggers // 6. Red Long sleeve Polo Shirt // 7.  Pink Button Down Shirt for boys //8. Red Converse Sneakers // 9.  I’m Digging Valentine’s Tee // 10.  I’m Digging Valentines Long Sleeve Tee

A little more challenging to find Valentine’s Day outfits for boys, but still some cute finds nonetheless!  I ordered the I’m Digging Valentine’s Day tee for Henry, and I kind of want to give the red toddler joggers a try too.  They come in TONS of colors and he is starting to be super picky about wanting comfy pants.

Valentine’s Day Clothing for Women

Valentine's Day clothes for women

1. Heart Print Tissue Tee // 2. Heart Print Cami Pajama Set //3.  Heart Print Slippers // 4. Satin Heart Print PJ Set via Amazon // 5. Heart Print Tee //6. Pink Tie Dye Sweatshirt // 7.  Pink Checkerboard Slip On Vans // 8. Pink Mama Bear Sweatshirt // 9.  Gold Heart Statement Earrings //10. Heart Patterned Socks via Amazon // 11. Heart Print Sweater // 12. Light Pink Stripe Satin Pajama Set

Truth be told, I did purchase the Pink Mama Bear Sweatshirt for myself and another pair of the satin pajamas from Amazon! #treatyoself


If you’re looking for anything else Valentine’s Day related, be sure to check out my Amazon Storefront!  I rounded up a ton of goodies there too!

If you purchase anything from this round up, I’d love to see!  Be sure to share it on IG and tag me (@emmyloustyles)!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you choose to purchase through links I provide (at no extra cost to you). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.



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