Top 10 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tips: How to Prepare and What to Shop

Hey girl hey!   Hope everyone is having a great short week!  I’m here today to give you some much needed Nordstrom Anniversary Sale tips!  If you’re on the gram and follow any blogger whatsoever, then you’re about to get inundated with content about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I love a good sale just like anyone else, and this one is the mother of all sales.  It’s a bit like Christmas with the anticipation of what will be included.

Top 10 Tips for Shopping the Nordstrom Anny Sale

Skirt // Tank // Purse (similar) // Sunnies

What You Can Expect From Me

If you’re looking for a try on of every single item in this sale, I’m not your girl.  I don’t have time to throw a million different things your way, nor do I think that is helpful for you and shopping this sale. I will be breaking the sale into categories / collages  which will be super easy for you to reference. This will include anything I might buy for myself, as well as things that I think are a great deal that may be of interest to you or for your family.  I’ll even show you a few outfits you can make from sale pieces!  If you want a sale tour guide/personal shopper, then I’m your gal.  Come along!

When Is The Sale?

The sale begins on Friday July 12th at 12:30 EST.  The only way to PURCHASE items on that day is if you have a Nordstrom credit card.  The sale is only open to card holders for the first week (7/12-7/18), then it will become available to everyone through August 4th .  Now, I’m not saying to run out and open a credit card because that is dumb.  BUT, if you know you are looking for a high ticket item (i.e. a new winter coat, a great pair of winter boots), then maybe consider it.  Items will sell out fast, but they typically do restock most things once the sale goes public.  This is another reason why I will not be wasting time trying TONS of items on.  I would rather place my online order for the things I TRULY want and show you those.  This brings me to my next point. . .

What’s Included In The Sale?

If you haven’t shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before then let me explain the hype.  This is basically a preview to all of the Fall /Winter styles and trends, AND many of these items will be ON SALE!  That’s right, new stuff is on major discount before the season even arrives.  It’s a great time to purchase some of those higher ticket items that you will have in your closet for years, as well as everyday staples like bras, underwear, and perfume.  Brands that aren’t typically on sale are included, such as, Patagonia, UGG, Jo Malone, Vince Camuto, and The North Face to name a few!  Here’s a sample of some pieces I’ve bought in past sales!

A collage of the top items bought in past Nordstrom Anniversary Sales

My Top Ten List

Now that you know what to expect from me, and how the sale works, here is my Top 10 List of what I plan to shop and how to make sure you get the items you want!

  1. Start browsing the online catalog now!
  2. Examine your closet so you get an idea of what you truly NEED.
  3. Make a list – include anything your husband or kids might need too. I’m on the hunt for bras, perfume, a new winter coat, and some casual everyday staples!
  4. Set a budget for yourself – how much can you comfortably spend?
  5. Order it, return later.  These items will sell out fast so just order it because you can always return it.
  6. Buy Online, Pick Up in store is another great option if you want it ASAP and your store has it in stock!
  7. Bookmark my blog!  This will be a one stop shop throughout the entire sale!
  8. Subscribe to my email list!  I’ll be sending out an email or two durning this sale.
  9. Let me know how I can help you!  Question on sizing, quality, how to wear something?  Let me know!
  10. Don’t go OVERBOARD!  Stick to YOUR list and BUDGET.


nordstrom Anniversary sale 2019 (2)

Why I ALWAYS Appreciate You Shopping Via My Links

Do you ever wonder how bloggers make money?  There are several ways (more on ALL of the ways another time), but ONE of the main ways we make money is through Affiliate Marketing.  This means anytime you make a purchase through one of my links that you have clicked on, I earn a small commission from that retailer (in this case, Nordstrom). This is the same for my blog and any other blogger that you follow!  It costs you NOTHING, and it’s how I can continue running and growing Emmy Lou Styles.  I am essentially a sales person here online.  If you were to shop in store and an associate helped you in the dressing room, he or she would earn a small commission on that sale.  Here’s a little more detail on how you can make sure you’re shopping my links, thus giving me credit for your sale:

    • By clicking through ANY link on my blog
    • By clicking on any link that I send directly to you
    • By downloading the app and following me and use any link on my profile, that gives me credit

The BEST, and EASIEST way to shop what I post is to do so right here from my site {}.  I am an open book on how all of this works, and I welcome any questions you might have! Comment below or shoot me an email {[email protected]}.

Check out my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks from last year to get an idea of what might be in the sale!



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