Poshmark: What you need to know!

Poshmark is one my favorite apps at the moment and one that I spend a lot of time in.  It allows you to sell items hanging in your closet that you no longer wear to potential buyers and make money in a hassle-free (for the most part) environment.  It’s certainly not groundbreaking, I mean people have been selling their unwanted things on eBay for years (hello, I bought a car on there in 2006).  Allow me to share with you the ins and outs of “Poshing” as I have learned them this year.

Getting Started

  • Create an account by providing your first and last name, email address, and a username.
  • Your username is what shows up to potential buyers so choose wisely.


List your items

  • Snap up to 8 pics of your items (i.e. front, back, tag, close up details).
  • Be sure to shoot in square mode OR take them horizontally  .
  • Take pics in the middle of the day when lighting is best.
  • Always shoot on the same or similar background as it will give your closet a cohesive and appealing look to potential buyers.
  • Provide a high level summary that hits on the main details of the item you’re selling (i.e. Brand, Size, Color) there is a 50 character limit in this section so be concise.
  • Next, go into more detail about your item…Does it have a white trim?  Are those rhinestones around the neck?  Are the buttons gold or silver? What is the length of the dress?  You get the idea.
  • Select the category in which your item falls (you can sell Women’s, Men’s + Kids clothes).  Then choose a size, brand, and color.
  • Provide the original price you paid, and then list your selling price (it will auto calculate and show you exactly what you will make if you list the item for that amount).
  • List your item and VOILA!

Attend a “Posh Party”

  • The app will alert you about upcoming “themed” parties which are great for getting your items in front of potential buyers.
    • For example, a party might be called “Dress to Impress” in which you are only allowed to share dresses.
    • Share any dresses you may have listed for sale within this party
    • Other Poshers may see your item and choose to share it with their followers too, thus increasing your chances of selling the item.

Share Often!

  • You will find the share button for your item at the top of your screen to the right of where it says listing details.
  • Click that button and you will see Share Listing at the top of your screen.
    • From here, you can share to a party OR you can share to your followers.
  • The more you engage with other poshers, the more your following will grow.
  • If another posher shares an item from your closet, it is common courtesy to share one of their items to a party or your followers.

You made your first sale, now what?!

  • Poshmark provides you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed label that is sent directly to your email address (just print it).
  • There is a flat rate of $6.49 for expedited shipping for all orders.
    • Each order is shipped using 1-3 day USPS Priority Mail.
    • Shipping is paid for by the buyer.
    • Multiple items from one seller can be added to the order (“bundles”) for the same fee as long as the total weight of the order does not exceed 5 lbs.
  • Package your item(s) and drop it off at a USPS mailbox.
  • Lastly, go back in and check off that you shipped your item so that your buyer is notified when their item is on it’s way.

I know it can seem daunting, but if you want to get rid of a few things, and make a little extra cash for some new things it is well worth it in my opinion!

Want to shop my closet?  Click here!

What other apps do you use for selling your gently used items?  Comment below!



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