A Style Guide for Family Photos

Tis’ the season for pumpkin spice everything, apple picking, and family photos (cringe)! Fall is a great time of year to have family pics taken because the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, and the changing leaves make for the best backdrop.  But with these beautiful pics comes a lot of panic around what to wear. . . and in your job description as mom, it is your responsibility to perfectly plan outfits for your whole fam. Yay for you!  😉 I recently met up with my good friend Liz, Owner of Liz Olson Photography  to talk about all things style for fall photos.  We have come up with a foolproof guide (including two color palette options) for you to reference when choosing outfits.  The goal is not to spend a fortune on new clothes for everyone, but instead use this guide and relate it to pieces that your family might already own.  Hopefully you will only have to fill in with a few new items here and there. Old Navy is an obvious choice for outfitting the family because it really is a one stop shop. Most of the clothes you will see in this post are from Old Navy this year or last year.  Let’s get started!

STEP 1:  Mom should choose her outfit first, and then build the family around it.
  • Pick a shirt that is a solid color and not too clingy.
  • Choose your fave pair of jeans – dark blue or black work best, but most importantly pick something that you feel comfortable and confident in. Avoid dresses and skirts as they are hard to kneel and sit in.
  • A great pair of booties or flats (maybe a fun pattern if it fits).
  • Add an accessory such as a statement necklace or fun printed scarf.
  • Incorporate a layer…a vest, blazer, or light jacket tend to work well.
STEP 2:  Start adding in the Kids outfits by incorporating colors that coordinate well with your pieces.
  • For boys, a flannel or plaid shirt with a pop of color will do.
  • A simple pair of jeans or cords + boots.
  • Add in a layer that can easily be removed such as a blazer or sweater (I mean this blazer is just the sweetest, I had to have it for H)!

IMG_4675Old Navy Gray Toddler Boy Blazer

  • For girls, a cotton dress with small pattern will add some color to the mix and coordinate with everyone (just remember the bloomers, bike shorts or tights though).
  • Choose shoes that play off of what Mom is wearing.
  • Pull in a sparkly headband or bow + necklace to complete her outfit.
STEP 3:  Dad is the final step.
  • Dark denim jeans to play off of mom’s jeans
  • A plain simple gray button down, possibly with the sleeves rolled up slightly for a casual vibe OR a half zip sweater to pull in some texture to the mix
  • A neutral, casual dress shoe will blend nicely with rest of the fam

Old Navy Gray Button Up // Old Navy Dress Shoes // Old Navy Tan Toddler Cords // Old Navy Yellow Flannel // Old Navy Blue Half-Zip Sweater

Voila! You’re set!

 Now I know this guide can’t magically grant you perfect cooperation from your kiddos on picture day, but if you’re in the St. Louis area Liz can take care of that part for you! She has three kiddos of her own under the age of eight and truly has the magic touch for capturing beautiful, priceless pics. Go check her out!



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  • Thanks for the advice. That boy knit blazer is everything! I will also need to look up Liz Olson Photography.

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