Henry’s Wishlist: Gifts for Boys 4 & Up

If you’re a mom shopping for her kids, or an aunt looking for the it gift for a nephew, this post has you covered! I tapped into Henry’s wishlist (he’s 4) and I’ve highlighted the can’t go wrong gifts right here!

Gifts for boys ages 4 and up

1.  20 Pack of Hotwheels // 2. Kinetic Sand Set // 3. Hotwheels Storage Case // 4. Bombas Youth Gripper Socks for boys // 5.  Play Tape Black Road // 6. Rock, Mineral Fossil Set // 7. Large Throwing Foam Airplanes // 8. Lite-Brite // 9. Mario Kart Deluxe for Nintendo Switch // 10. Matchbox Garbage Truck with Sound // 11. Nintendo Switch // 12.  Batman Hooded Towel // 13. Remote Control Batman Car // 14. Stomp Rocket // 15. There’s A Yeti in my Spaghetti // 16. Remote Controlled Helicopter 

20 Pack Hotwheels

Can’t go wrong with 20 hotwheels.  Henry is 4 and very into these right now and has been for about 6 months.

Kinetic Sand Set

We got real into kinetic sand at the start of Covid when I stocked up on random toys and activities from Amazon.  I prefer this stuff over play-doh.  LESS MESS!

Hotwheels Storage Container

Henry got one of these last Xmas, but could use another one.

Bombas Socks

We learned of Bombas a year ago and it’s safe to say they are a family fave, but I think Henry is the biggest fan. He literally will not wear any other socks these days.  Lots of color options and styles available!  They stay in place and the grippers are great for boys that run don’t walk anywhere around the house.  You can use code EMILY20 to get 20% off your purchase too!

Black Road Tape

This stuff is great! My friend had it recently it at birthday party and Henry loved it.  You can place this on floors, tables, wherever and set up little roads for all of your Hotwheels.

Rock, Mineral and Fossil Set

Henry is super into collecting rocks, this seemed like a great idea for him right now and maybe for you too if you have a little rock lover too.

Large Foam Airplanes

These are hit with both of my kids.  Hours of entertainment.

Lite Brite

Throwback anyone?  Lite Brite is something I remember from my childhood, and it’s definitely something I want to introduce to my kids.

Mario Kart for Nintendo Switch

This goes hand in hand with number 11 on this list.  My kids are reallllllly wishing hard for a Nintendo Switch (I’m still on the fence), but they’ve played with a friends and it’s the only thing they keep talking about over and over again.  🙂

Garbage Truck with Sound

I grabbed this for Hen over Prime Day.  It gets great reviews, good price point and seems like something he will love at this age.

The Nintendo Switch

Here’s hoping for a deal on one of these, but I don’t have high hopes.  Do your kids have one? Do they love it?

Batman Hooded Towel

Batman is Henry’s fave right now, and I thought this was fun.  Tons of other princess + super hero options.

Remote Control Bat Mobile

Another toy that caught my eye for Henry this year.  Good reviews too.

Stomp Rocket

Henry got this for his birthday and it has been a hit!

Yeti in my Spaghetti

I like to make sure each of my kids gets a game for Christmas or one as a family.  This looked like one Henry would enjoy.

Remote Controlled Helicopter

Great reviews on Amazon + anything remote controlled my 4 year old loves!

Shop these great gifts for boys ages 4 and up below!

What are your kiddos asking for this year?  Drop your ideas in the comments below! While you’re here, be sure to check out the rest of my gift guides!

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