Top 10 Free Apps to Make Life So Much Easier

Whether you’re a blogger or not, these are apps that everyone can enjoy and benefit from.  I use each of these apps to make life easier!  I’ll explain what they are and how they can help you in your day to day.  Read on my friends!

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10 Free Apps to Make Your Life So Much Easier

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Marco Polo

I have mentioned this app before here.  I LOVE it!  This is a video chat app for busy people.  It allows you to video chat with people on your own time.  You talk directly to your phone (as if you were on IG stories) and then you send that to whomever you are talking to.  Then, that person can choose to watch it whenever they have time.  They can even choose to watch it in a sped up 2x mode so it saves even more time!  I use this a ton with some of my friends in the blogging community.  It is a super fast way to ask each other questions and knowledge share.  Blogging is a business, and it’s not your typical set up where you have co workers sitting right next to you.  This little app has really helped me with my blogging biz and I highly suggest it if you’re an entrepreneur too!

Marco Polo video app and why it is great for bloggers and entrepreneurs

iPhone Users Download Here


If you’re in the biz of content creation, Canva is a MUST.  Even if you’re not in the business of content creation, this is an app that is worth a look.  Canva is a graphic design tool that uses an easy drag and drop functionality.  There is no need to have a design background or Photoshop understanding.  I use this app to create most of my blog graphics (see above) that you see at the start of each blog post, as well as email templates for Emmy Lou Styles and various client work that I have too.  I have also used it to create adorable kids birthday invites, thank you notes and Christmas cards!  Canva offers tons of FREE templates for these sorts of things which allow you to personally customize the text and photo.  Then it’s just on you to have it printed somewhere!  Canva also offers templates and photography that you can pay a small fee for as well (i.e. usually $1).

Canva graphic design app and how it helps moms and content creators

iPhone Users Download Here



Have you ever seen those how to videos that content creators do that are super sped up, but quickly show you how to do something from start to finish?  If so, it was likely created in the FREE app called Hyperlapse.  This app allows you to film in regular mode OR selfie mode.  So if you’re a content creator and want to share a quick try on or beauty tutorial, Hyperlapse is a great option.  I just recently used this app to create a tutorial on how to create the perfect recital bun!

Best app for creating sped up how to videos

iPhone Users Download Here


This is THE app to use if you want to stitch various video clips together and edit.  If you’re like me you probably take tons of video on your phone and some of the clips are of the same thing, but some are a minute long and others are short 10 sec clips because hello, KIDS.   If you want to get better about organizing your video (I need to take my own advice), this is the app to use.  It’s pretty user friendly.  The free version allows you to do the basics, but the paid version is $15 for a year (I think).  The paid version allows you to remove the InShot watermark, and do things such as add background music to it.  I have used this app to create some quick little try on sessions set to music as well.  You can see an example here.

InShot video editor is great for stitching videos together

iPhone Users Download Here


I know what you’re thinking, but I don’t have Adobe Creative Cloud!  And I’m here to tell you that you don’t need it!  Just download Lightroom for your phone and purchase a beautiful preset and you can turn all of your iPhone pics into beautiful print worthy portraits!  Here are links to a few different presets that I love and that have mobile versions so you can use them too.

Monika Hibbs

Light and Airy

Jordan Brittley (this is a FREE one, and so good) so it’s great way to try out how a photo preset works!

You don’t have to be a blogger or content creator to use a preset.  EVERYONE should have the ability to have photographer quality pics these days!  Most presets will come with instructions on exactly how to install them via the Lightroom for Mobile app.  Even with a preset, you can still use the settings in Lightroom to get the coloring on each photo exactly the way you want it!

Lightroom app for phones allows you to have photographer quality pics

iPhone Users Download Here


I constantly have a million and one ideas running through my head and I needed a place that was always with me that I could easily jot things down.  Enter, Evernote.  Now, I’m sure there are a ton of ways I could be utilizing this app and I have only scratched the surface.  So far I have a couple of different “notebooks” … One for each of my client based work, and one for Emmy Lou Styles which is where I jot down ideas for upcoming blog posts.  I even use the app sometimes to start drafting my blog post before I write it into WordPress.

Evernote is an online note taking app that is great for content creators

iPhone Users Download Here

Chick fil A

The Chick Fil A app is slightly different than some of the others I have shared, but this is one of the most used apps on my phone.  And for good reason too! Their rewards program is legit.  Every time you go through a Chick Fil A drive through be sure to have the attendant scan your app.  You accrue points towards FREE items off their menu, and it happens fast!  Sometimes your local store will randomly add free items in there too that are only active for a day or two.  Just last week our local store gave away free chicken sandwiches when the Saint Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup.  I get everything from free fries to free 8pc chicken nuggets!  It’s a great app if you’re a Chick Fil A fan!

Chick Fil A app offers one of the best customer loyalty programs


iPhone Users Download Here

Screen Capture

This one isn’t an app, but if you have an iPhone with iOS 11 or later then you have the ability to capture screen shots / video of things on your phone.  This article does a great job of explaining how to use this feature.  It is helpful if you’re trying to explain how to use a particular app and want to show the steps for completing a task etc.

Screen capture on iPhone is great for creating tutorials



Pandora or Spotify?  I tend to go back and forth, but lately I’ve fallen more in the Spotify category.  Many of my friends are more music savvy than I am, and I love when they share playlists.  Even though I’m not a music buff, I do have a fun playlist that I consider great for getting through a day at the office.  Just search for emartinez1129 to find it!  It includes a lot of girl boss anthems too!

Spotify allows you to create music play lists and share with friends

iPhone Users Download Here


The Unfold app is free and perfect for making your IG stories a little more visually appealing.  There are various templates available, as well as text and color options too.  If you’re someone that is creating content and sharing it on Instagram, Unfold is a great app for elevating your stories.

Unfold App is free and great for elevating your Instagram stories

iPhone Users Download Here

What are some apps that you use which make life easier?  Tell me in the comments below!



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