Card Books for Special Occasions

DIY card books are great for all sorts of occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries and more! Scroll down to learn how to create your own!

how to make a greeting card scrap book

Card books in place of buying greeting cards from the store are a great homemade, and sentimental option.  Props to my husband (idea courtesy of my sis in law) in 2014 for creating me my very own Mother’s Day card book.  I look forward to seeing the new pages in this book created each year by my kids, and it’s something I will have forever versus cards that end up in the trash.  Hello money saver!

my mothers day card book

I keep my book displayed on our coffee table so it’s fun to look through from time to time.  The kids enjoy looking at it too.

greeting card scrap book idea

My book is an actual scrap book which I personally love because it allows the kids to truly create a piece of art each year, but you could easily use a simple notebook where kids draw or write a simple note for whatever the occasion may be.  The pages in this book have clear page protectors too which helps preserve the pieces for years to come.  I’ve linked my book, plus a few other scrapbooks below that would work.

a scrapbook instead of greeting cards

Obviously my book was created around Mother’s Day, but these books could easily be made for any occasion where you typically purchase a card (i.e. Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc).


Homemade gift for Dads

fathers day card idea

This doesn’t have to be a thing just for kids either.  You could even do this for Anniversary cards too by simply writing your significant other a simple note each year instead of a card!

Check out these notebooks below that would be perfect for that!

fathers day card book idea


A card book for mothers day


Mothers Day card book

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