5 Friday Favorites: 5 Thoughts on my Baby Starting Kindergarten

My baby is starting kindergarten. I knew this day would come eventually, but I truly cannot fathom that it is actually upon us (12 days away to be exact).  I’m pretty much in denial, and will likely try to drop her off at daycare on more than one occasion in the next few weeks!  I am sure many of you also have a baby starting kindergarten (or maybe high school or college), and likely are having many of the same thoughts.  I don’t normally share this much of my heart on the blog, but this is a milestone that I can’t seem to shake. There are many blogs I follow, and I love when I read posts that really resonate with me – especially when it involves kids. Here are 5 thoughts on my mind as I reflect on my baby starting kindergarten…

5 Thoughts on my Baby Starting Kindergarten


I am a broken record, but seriously, where did 5 years go?!  I swear I was just visiting daycares and standing in the parking lot crying at the thought of sending you to one, and I hadn’t even met you yet.  We have been through so many things in these last 5 years, and you have accomplished so much.  From me being a first time mom and worrying about all the things (i.e. you not talking as much as other kids your age) to the girl that now never stops talking!



If you live in Saint Louis then you know this topic well.  “Where did you go to high school?”  “Public or private?”  By private, I mean Catholic.  This was a L  O  N G   drawn out discussion/decision for us that went on for many months.  I was a public school kid, my husband was a private Catholic school kid.  He had a great experience as a Catholic school kid and it’s something he talks about often.  We live in an AMAZING public school district too.  We toured both the public elementary and our parish school.  I loved both, but there was something about our parish school that I just loved a little more.  We are fortunate to live in a great public school district, so if we find that this isn’t the right fit, we have options.

5 Thoughts on my Baby Starting Kindergarten


There’s something very real about sending your kid off to Kindergarten.  It’s like you’re releasing them into the real world, and it’s kind of the first time where you’re having to start the letting go process of being a parent.  Little by little you are starting to need me for less things.  And from here on out it’s all a part of you learning to navigate this world.  I want to believe it gets easier, but I don’t know that it does…

5 Thoughts on my Baby Starting Kindergarten

Vans Sneakers

Ballerina Jeans


Oh man, I could go on forever and ever on the hopes and dreams I have for you.  I know you said you want to be a flower gardener, and I’ll support you 100% if that’s the case.  No matter what it is, I know it’s going to be BIG.  You amaze us constantly, and I can’t wait to see you grow (just wish it would slow down a little).

5 Thoughts on my Baby Starting Kindergarten


Saying the words, “I have a kindergartner” makes me feel ancient LOL!  I really have nothing else to add to this other than sometimes I still can’t believe it.  It’s just that feeling of looking at your kid(s) and thinking whoa, they are really mine.

5 Friday Favorites: 5 Thoughts on my Baby Starting Kindergarten

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