How to host a virtual baby shower

You guys, this was by far one of the coolest and most special things I’ve ever been a part of.  My dear friend/college roommate lives in London and is expecting her first baby in December.  As much as we would’ve all loved to travel abroad to see her, that just wasn’t feasible haha.  Enter the virtual baby shower idea!  Myself and another gal pal got the wheels in motion for this and it just snowballed into amazing-ness from there.  We all have friends/family that live near and far and throwing a virtual baby shower is a great option!

STEP 1:  Send an invitation to attendees

In our case we decided to surprise the mom to be so we worked with her husband and he was great at keeping a secret.  I whipped up an invitation using Canva (a free online tool that allows you to design all sorts of fun things – including invitations). I then attached it to an email that I sent to the guests (+ dad to be).  The email had additional details around gift collection (we sent them an Amazon gift card via email), plus info on how to join the Facebook Messenger Video Chat.  The tutorial linked here was super easy to follow.  The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you can only see up to 6 people.  Once more than six people are on the call, just the dominant speaker is shown to all participants.

STEP 2:  Shop for party decorations + treats

I grabbed a pink pom pom banner from Target + pink paper plates.  I bought two of each of these and sent one set to the UK so they could have the same matching party decs we had at our house! A few of the other attendees bought the same banner too.

Trader Joe’s is ALWAYS my go to for fresh flowers and they didn’t disappoint with these beautiful pink roses (30 of them for $10)! Say what?! I was able to make two vases full. Their sparkling pink lemonade is delish, and how cute are the pink and white shortbread sprinkle cookies?!  These are all great options for a girly party of any kind.

I snagged these cute (and yummy) strawberry cupcakes from the bakery at my local grocery store ($1.25 / ea) and then just displayed them on a little cake platter.

STEP 3:  Celebrate!

Let the shower begin!  Our call lasted about 45 min and we only had a few bad moments where the reception wasn’t great.  It was so fun to surprise the mom-to-be and still give her a memorable shower experience even from afar.  Technology is simply amazing!


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