How to style denim overalls

Hey friends!  Today I’m sharing these denim overalls and how to style them with three different types of shirts.  This pair is from Free People and $100. Definitely a little more than I would’ve liked to spend, but this is one of those cost versus wear situations.  I know that I’ll have this pair for years to come because it is a classic look.


Adding a little texture with a fabric like lace dresses the look up a bit.  It adds a more feminine touch to the outfit and you almost forget that you’re actually wearing denim overalls like a child – haha!  This lace top works well because it is just the right amount of detail and it tucks nicely into the overalls without any weird bunchiness.

womens lace top with denim overalls

Free People Washed Denim Overalls (Brady Wash)

Long sleeve lace top (similar)

free people denim overalls brady wash

Tan Booties


If you want to keep things on the chic side, try pairing your overalls with some simple stripes.  I love this top because it’s fitted, but also has this fun sleeve detail.  Simple little additions like this help to dress up your denim overalls.

stripe bell sleeve top and overalls

Stripe Bell Sleeve Top

free people we the free good find top

Plain T-Shirt

Lastly, keep things super simple with a plain t-shirt.  I paired my booties with each of these options because I was short on time when we were taking pics(sorry guys)!  But you could easily pair this look with some slip on sneakers like these or these!  Oh and if you’re still reading at this point, scroll on so you can see a pic of how cute the back of these are!

plain t-shirt and denim overalls


free people brady wash denim overalls


free people denim overalls brady wash

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