Jumpsuit styling tips

Jumpsuits are a big trend right.  Before you start saying you can’t pull one off, let me share with you why I love jumpsuits and you should too.  There are so many options.  And in case you don’t know exactly what a jumpsuit is, it consists of pants on bottom, and then various types of sleeves up top.  The main reason I love them is because you can style a jumpsuit in so many ways.  It’s like having multiple outfits in one!  And I bet you have most of these pieces in your closet already to work with.

The first, and most obvious way to style a jumpsuit is to wear it exactly as you purchase it!  🙂  Depending on the length of the jumpsuit and your height will determine your shoe choice.  In my case, I’m short, but this particular jumpsuit was on the shorter side and flats pair perfectly with it.

women's green floral flowy jumpsuit

womens green floral flowy jumpsuit

flowy green floral women's jumpsuit

Another great option for styling a jumpsuit is to throw on a denim jacket.  This is the perfect way to turn something into an office appropriate outfit.  For example, if your jumpsuit has spaghetti straps then putting a denim jacket on over it makes it work appropriate.

womens denim jacket over a jumpsuit

Similar Denim Jacket

women's floral jumpsuit and denim jacket

women's denim jacket worn over jumpsuit

Lastly, I threw a plain cotton tee on over my jumpsuit and tied it in a cute little knot.  This really gave it a fun laid back casual look.  And it gave me a chance to wear my FAVE tee of all time.  I’m linking it for you below.

women's jumpsuit with a t-shirt over it

women's jumpsuit with a t-shirt over it

I’ve got you covered ladies, I have already done all the legwork for you and found the best jumpsuits out there right now!  Shop all of my faves below!

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