Greetabl – A Personalized Gift Box

Thank you to Greetabl for gifting me with this awesome Greetabl of my own to share with you.

personalized greetabl

Mother’s Day is around the corner and I’m sure you’re on the hunt for something special for all of the mom’s in your life. Well, let me introduce you to Greetabl. Greetabl is an online one-stop shop for creative and personalized gifts and greetings that are personalized with pictures. One of their mottos is “Better than a greeting card. More personal than flowers.” It is a simple three step process and you end up with a personalized Greetabl that is sent directly to the deserving recipient.

personalized greetabl


Choose the print that you want your Greetabl box to have. There are TONS of patterns, colors and scripts to choose from. There is most certainly something for everyone on your list!

paris rose greetabl print

paris rose print by greetabl


In the personalize step you get to pick the gift that you want to send. There are so many unique and fun things to choose from. Candles, bath bombs, chocolates, and socks to name a few. Prices range from $3 up to $30.

Next, it’s time to add in your pictures and personal greeting. There is room to add up to three pictures that the recipient can tear off and keep. If you don’t want to add pics that’s fine too, the pattern will just be printed on those sections.

personalized greetabl


In the review step, it’s exactly as it sounds.  Proofread your copy, double check your pictures and you’re good to go.  You can now enter the address for the lucky recipient and Greetabl will send on your behalf for them to receive!

greetabl you got this socks

you got this socks from greetabl

the personalized gift company called greetabl

Pictures by Liz Olson Photography

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