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Hi friends!  I wanted to take a moment and talk to you about and the app that you have no doubt heard me talk about recently via Instagram. I have had several people mention that they think is confusing so they don’t use it.  I thought it was time to give you a quick tutorial on what the program is, as well as how to use the app.

Why should I sign up for

Let’s face it, we all spend a lot of time on our phones and in particular, Instagram.  You likely see or follow style bloggers like myself and often want to know where that item is from so you can possibly purchase for yourself.

Signing up is super easy, follow this link and click on the Sign up button in the top right when you arrive (see screen shot below).  The sign up process takes just a few minutes and all you need to provide is your email and your name.

Signing up for

Once you’ve signed up, why not give it a test drive?  Visit my Instagram profile and click the like button on a few of my pictures.  Within a few minutes you can check your email inbox and you will have an email from that contains the image of mine that you liked with each item in the picture linked for you to easily shop right from that email.

How do I download and use the app?

If you want to take things a step further, download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.  The screen shot below shows you what the app looks like in the store so you can make sure you’re downloading the correct one:

Downloading App

One of the coolest features of the app is that it allows you to take a screenshot of my IG picture (or any other bloggers picture that is a part of the program) and as long as you have your push notifications turned on for the app, you will receive that notification within seconds.  You can then shop directly from that notification! The screen shot below shows you what a push notification looks like: tutorial

If you click on that notification, the picture you liked will pull up and all of the items from the picture will be listed below for you to easily click on and shop.  The screen shot below is an example: tutorial

Any pictures that I post to IG that are a part of will feature a little black or white heart icon in the bottom right of the photo as depicted below: tutorial

All of my posts on IG will always remind you of the various ways you can shop my feed.  If is not something you plan to use, you can easily shop my IG feed by clicking the link from my IG profile as shown below.  This will take you to the shopping page on my site where these items will be and you can easily shop from that page. how to guide

I hope this post has covered all of your questions that you have had about If you still have questions, please ask them in the comments.  I’m happy to help!

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Three festive holiday outfits

festive holiday outfits

Hey girls!  I’m back after our memorable Disneyworld trip and starting to get back into a routine!  I can’t believe Christmas is in a week!  Today I’m sharing three festive holiday outfits that you could wear for Christmas Eve, Christmas, or any other holiday gathering you may have in the next week.  You don’t need these exact pieces because you may already have similar things in your own closet and you just need a simple reminder on how to style them.  But if you are in need of something new, don’t worry, I have linked what you see here (+ some similar items too).

Pretty in Plaid

This festive holiday outfit is a perfect casual option.  The classic red tartan flannel screams Christmas in red and green. Bonus, it’s currently on sale for under $20 and it’s a shirt that is timeless.  It pairs easily with any jeans that you already own (just use caution if wearing ripped jeans around older family members and be prepared for all of the “can’t you afford an entire pair of jeans” jokes).  Throw on your favorite mules or booties and you are holiday ready!  This shirt also comes in a toddler size, so you can even twin with your mini too!

festive holiday outfit

Classic red tartan flannel // wearing size XS

toddler red plaid shirt

Plaid Flannel Shirt for Toddler Girls // under $10 right now!

Velvet Midi Skirt

In addition to the red flannel shown above, velvet anything creates the perfect festive holiday outfit.  This skirt is a rose color midi length from Clad and Cloth…unfortunately you can only get this online so you probably won’t receive in time for the holidays, but have no fear I am linking a similar option below!  Midi skirts look great with fitted tops tucked into them.  You can throw on a nice pair of heels or a patterned bootie (both options shown below).

Puns n Roses Skirt // wearing a Small

Women’s Velvet Skirt // Similar to skirt I’m wearing. . .


velvet midi skirt

A Red Dress

Lastly, a red dress is the perfect option for a festive holiday outfit! This one isn’t exactly a bright Christmas red (the color is actually called neon orange but I assure you it’s NOT neon) more of a reddish / orange.  I will be honest, when I saw this one on the hanger I wasn’t sure about it, and even after putting it on I still wasn’t sure.  But the power of social media is something, because you guys LOVED this on my stories and it swayed me to get it.  It’s a cute dress that can be styled with booties or heels and can even be worn into the spring with some strappy sandals.  There aren’t many sizes left online, but I was in my local H&M this weekend and they had a few sizes still left AND it’s only $20 in store!

festive holiday dress

Dress with Smocking // wearing a size 4

festive holiday outfit

festive holiday outfit

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Layering with lace

Choo choo!  I’m jumping on the bralette bandwagon!  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t so sure how I felt about bralettes, but then loose fitting, slightly off the shoulder sweaters have started to become a thing and what else are you supposed to wear under those?  Enter the Signature Lace Deep V Bralette!  Another blogger (@madstylestudio) posted these bralettes on her IG feed recently and it was hook, line, sinker when she said what the price was.  UMMMM $10 ladies, and perhaps the best part of all?  They have padding which means you feel like you have a little more support than your average bralette!  I have only ordered the black one (so far), but it comes in a ton of other colors too.  I ordered a small, but I could stand to size up as the band doesn’t have a ton of give to it. I have provided the link to these on Amazon (hello Prime free shipping) so go ahead and throw one in on your next diaper purchase ladies! 🙂

Bralette // $10

Vintage Military Twill Jacket // $32


Earrings // Baublebar (similar)


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Black Friday Sales

Happy Thanksgiving Friends! Nothing special about this post other than me telling YOU what retailers are running so far for the weekend so that YOU can shop from the comfort of your home!

I have created a Black Friday Sales tab here on my site for you to easily shop!  I will be updating it periodically in the coming days as more retailers begin running offers!
How I can help:
  1.  Tune in on my Insta Stories (@emmyloustyles) – for some real time updates all weekend long 🙂
  2. Visit my blog often and navigate to the “Black Friday Sales” tab – I will try to update throughout the weekend.
  3. e-mail me with any questions (
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Here are a few sales to get you going!
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Leopard Sweaters


Today I’m sharing this leopard sweater from Loft (last year).  It’s one of my favorites because I love a good leopard print and because it is slightly longer in the back.  Unfortunately this sweater is no longer available, however I have rounded up several other leopard sweaters that are just as great!

Happy Monday, friends!

Nordstrom Rack Abound Leopard Knit Cardigan


Mossimo Leopard Print Cardigan


Nordstrom B.P. Jacquard Cardigan


Nordstrom Rack RDI Leopard Print Sweater


ASOS Vero Moda Leopard Print Sweater

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