How to style denim overalls

Hey friends!  Today I’m sharing these denim overalls and how to style them with three different types of shirts.  This pair is from Free People and $100. Definitely a little more than I would’ve liked to spend, but this is one of those cost versus wear situations.  I know that I’ll have this pair for years to come because it is a classic look.


Adding a little texture with a fabric like lace dresses the look up a bit.  It adds a more feminine touch to the outfit and you almost forget that you’re actually wearing denim overalls like a child – haha!  This lace top works well because it is just the right amount of detail and it tucks nicely into the overalls without any weird bunchiness.

womens lace top with denim overalls

Free People Washed Denim Overalls (Brady Wash)

Long sleeve lace top (similar)

free people denim overalls brady wash

Tan Booties


If you want to keep things on the chic side, try pairing your overalls with some simple stripes.  I love this top because it’s fitted, but also has this fun sleeve detail.  Simple little additions like this help to dress up your denim overalls.

stripe bell sleeve top and overalls

Stripe Bell Sleeve Top

free people we the free good find top

Plain T-Shirt

Lastly, keep things super simple with a plain t-shirt.  I paired my booties with each of these options because I was short on time when we were taking pics(sorry guys)!  But you could easily pair this look with some slip on sneakers like these or these!  Oh and if you’re still reading at this point, scroll on so you can see a pic of how cute the back of these are!

plain t-shirt and denim overalls


free people brady wash denim overalls


free people denim overalls brady wash

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Madewell Try-On Session

Hey gals! Happy Thursday! I recently had a fun little getaway to Boston with my husband while he was there for work.  I got the chance to shop ALONE and hit up Madewell for a try-on session.  Grab a cup of coffee for a quick read (and perhaps a little shopping)!

Studio ruffle hem top Cecilia stripe

I’ve had my eye on this top for a few weeks now.  The colors are so sweet and the little peplum is perfect.  The price is more than I normally spend on a top, but it’s currently on sale! I sized up in this as the buttons were a little snug in my normal size.  I am wearing a SMALL.

Madewell Studio Ruffle Hem Top

Madewell Studio ruffle hem top Cecilia stripe

Striped velour tee dress

I am all about the stripes, and this dress gets bonus points because it’s velour too! The navy and white stripe is perfect for now with some little booties, or wear it in the spring / summer with sandals.  I am wearing an XS in this dress.

Madewell Striped velour tee dress

Striped velour tee dress

Eyelet waterlily ruffle dress

Ladies, if you’re looking for a flattering black spring / summer dress then this one is for you.  It’s on sale for $30 too!  Several sizes still remain, but hurry because this will sell out fast!  I’m wearing a 0.

Madewell Black Eyelet waterlily ruffle dress

Eyelet waterlily ruffle dress

Denim wrap top

This top is SO good, and I really wanted to buy it but couldn’t justify the cost vs. wear ratio.  I felt it was a little too low cut to wear in the office, and I didn’t feel as though I would wear it a ton outside of the office because it’s too fancy.  I loved how it looked with black denim, and it would be fabulous with white denim too.  I’m wearing an XS for reference.

Madewell Denim Wrap Top

Denim Wrap Top

Denim utility zip front skirt

This skirt comes in black and a dark denim.  I would prefer the dark denim but tried on the black for size (wearing a 25).  I would pair this with a chunky knit sweater for now with some tall boots, but in the spring it would like great with a little tee tucked in or knotted with some flat sandals or a block heel.

Madewell Denim utility zip front skirt

Denim Utility Zip Front Skirt

Micro pleat top

The micro pleat top comes in five colors and is under $40! This little shirt is so cute with a pair of high waisted skinny jeans, or you could wear it with some flares and a chunky block heel.  I am wearing an XS for reference.

Madewell Micro Pleat Top

Micro pleat top

Velour Tee

This rust colored tee fit a little snug because I’m wearing a size smaller than I would normally wear but they didn’t have my true size.  I actually liked this style a little more fitted.  Sadly I cannot find this exact same tee online, but I’m linking a similar velour option.  Perhaps your local store may have the one shown in my picture (it’s under $30).  I am wearing an XXS for reference.

Madewell Denim utility zip front skirt

Velour Tee

What’s your fave item from above?  Tell me in the comments below!

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Nordstrom Try-On Session

Halfway point friends, and a Nordstrom try on session for you!  I recently popped into my local Nordstrom on a SATURDAY and KID FREE!  This never happens!  I took the opportunity to try on a few spring goodies.

Nordstrom Tops

I tried on several tops, and there were a few that I wanted, but I stayed strong and only purchased one.  This bright pink peplum tee looks great paired with high waisted jeans, and I think it’s going to look even better with white denim (real life, I haven’t had time to try it with white denim yet).  I sized up in this one, and I’m wearing a small.  It runs on the shorter side, so I wanted it to be a tad longer.

Nordstrom Try On Session

Double Peplum Ruffle Tee // $29

This pretty and feminine top by Leith is a bit more than I would tend to spend on a top, but it’s gorgeous.  I think it would be one you would have in your closet for a few seasons, and it’s definitely worth the splurge.  The sleeves are tiered, and the fit is a little shorter.  This looks great with high waisted jeans, but could be worn with skirts too.  I am wearing a size small.

nordstrom try on session

Leith Ruffle Sleeve Lace Top // $69

Gimme all the gingham!  This black and white perfect shirt checks all the boxes.  It’s slightly longer so you can wear it untucked with jeans or leggings OR you can do a cute front tuck with it too.  I am wearing a size small.

the perfect shirt

The perfect shirt // $49

One of the big trends lately are these asymmetrical hem lines.  This button up has a little twist hem in the front and it’s longer in the back (kind of like a mullet – haha)!  I really loved this one because you don’t have to mess with the front half tuck thing, the work is done for you.  I am wearing a small.

Nordstrom Try On Session

nordstrom try on session

Twist Hem Shirt // $49

This scallop trim sweater is so pretty and perfect for now and spring too.  It’s slightly shorter and looks perfect with high waisted jeans or a skirt.  I am wearing a size small.

Leith Scallop Edge Sweater

Leith Scallop Edge Sweater // $69

Nordstrom Dresses

So I actually grabbed four dresses to try on but only ended up trying on two because the one I am not quite sure who could wear it without looking like Pam Anderson circa 1990.  However, this color block sweatshirt dress with cute little cut in the hem was SO good.  I may need to go back for this one.  The colors are so springy and this will look adorable with all of your slip on sneakers or white converse!

Nordstrom Dress Try on Session

Colorblock Socialite Dress // $45

This Lush brand cotton t-shirt dress comes in two colors and is under $50.  It has cute princess nip seams at the waist, creating some subtle detail. This would be another great option for slip on sneakers or sandals. I am wearing an XS in this dress.

Lush Cotton T-Shirt Dress

Lush T-Shirt Dress // $45

Have you bought any Nordstrom spring items yet??  Tell me in the comments below!

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removable wallpaper

How to use removable wallpaper

We are halfway through the week friends, woohoo!  Today I’m changing things up just a tad and sharing our recent bathroom wallpaper project.  It took a little convincing with the husband to let me wallpaper one wall of our half bathroom since 6 years ago we were removing wallpaper from the same bathroom. But he caved, and he even agreed to helping me with this project!  Without further adieu, here is our experience with wallpapering our half bath.

Measure the space before buying wallpaper

Before purchasing your wallpaper, be sure to measure the walls in which you’re wallpapering.  In our case, we were only putting wallpaper on one wall.   Most wallpaper rolls will tell you how much square footage it will cover.  Our space was 48 square feet but we opted for two rolls anyways because I would still like to wallpaper a small wall in our foyer (and mistakes happen).  🙂

Prep the space

Be sure to remove any existing wallpaper (do not attempt to cover over it).  In our case we chose to repaint the entire room (EXCEPT for the wall that we were wallpapering).  We did wipe the wall down prior to starting the project to make sure it was clean and dry. We also moved out our vanity and toilet as those items were on the wall we were covering.

Supplies needed:

  • Razor blade
  • Scissors
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Painting tarp
  • Dry wash cloths
  • Straight Edge / Level

wallpaper prep


Begin the wallpaper process

We chose to use this 56 sq. ft black and white watercolor check by Magnolia Home.  This particular wallpaper was 20.5″ wide for reference.  The steps below are what we followed when using this particular wallpaper.  If you’re using a different brand, consult those specific instructions that come with the product.

Step 1:

If possible, choose the least conspicuous corner of the room in which you are applying wallpaper (i.e. behind a door, furniture etc).  You will want to measure out from the corner that you’re starting in, make a pencil mark 1″ less than the width of the wallpaper in order for the first strip to wrap 1″ into the corner.  In our case, we made our mark at 19.5″.  Make several marks on the wall and connect these with a straight edge.  This vertical line will be where you line up your first strand.  Not all walls are square, so this is a great way to ensure your wallpaper doesn’t go on crooked.​

Step 2:

Roll out the wallpaper to the length of the wall that you’re covering, plus an additional 4″.  This will give you 2 extra inches at the top and bottom for trimming once you have it on the wall.  Cut the strip.

measuring wallpaper

Step 3:

With the pattern side down (as shown in the picture above) on a flat surface begin to spray water on the back in a fine mist and pay close attention to the edges.

Step 4:

Loosely fold each end of wallpaper to the middle (hamburger style).  You should avoid creasing the paper and let it sit for 3 minutes.  This begins to activate the paste.

Step 5:

Carry your wallpaper strip to the wall that you plan to cover. Begin to unfold the top half of the folded strip which aligns with your vertical line that you wrote on the wall in Step 1.  The paper will allow for you to reposition as necessary to get it as level with that line as possible.  Start to unfold the bottom half of the strip and stick the wallpaper to the wall making sure you are placing it into and around the corner of the wall. ​You will have excess paper at the ceiling, at the baseboard, and in the corner. You will trim with your razor blade (this happens a little later).

Step 6:

Begin to smooth the wallpaper out using a clean towel. You will likely see air bubbles, but you should be able to work those out by working diagonally from the top of the wall down. Once you have all wrinkles and bubbles out, you can trim the excess paper with your razor blade and straight edge.

Step 7:

Now you’re ready to cut your next strip.  Be sure to use the pattern to match at either the baseboard or ceiling next to the strip you already placed on the wall.  Then, measure out your length from the start of the pattern (+ an additional 4″ again) and cut your piece.  Repeat steps 3-6, making sure you line up the pattern right next to the strip already on the wall.  Do NOT overlap the seams.

Step 8:

That’s it!  Move your belongings back into the room and enjoy!  Let me know if you have any questions.  Happy to answer!

magnolia home wallpaper



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