I often get asked the question, “how do you have the time?”  This is a valid question, and I think it’s one that all women deal with on a regular basis.  I am a full time working mom to two under the age of 5, a wife AND a part time blogger.  As a family where both of us work outside of the home, we are always searching for ways to simplify our routines and make things easier all around.  I think a large part of what makes our nightly routine work is the partnership that my husband and I have.  Everything is very much a team effort. . . except on nights when he is traveling for work.  On those nights only prayers and wine will get me through.  And the help of family – life lesson, ACCEPT THE HELP when offered!

I realize everyone’s situations are vastly different, but I hope that me sharing our nighttime routine with you will help provide you with new ideas (or just to know that you’re not alone)!

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Yes, you’re reading that right.  We give our kids a snack BEFORE dinner.  One of us picks the kids up from daycare around 5:30 – 5:45 and they are always super hungry when we walk through the door.  The snack is light in hopes that it doesn’t spoil dinner.  We try to stick to things like Cheerios, fruit strips (we love these from Target), or a granola bar.

Once snack time wraps up (typically around 6:00) we have a little play time.  One of us plays (usually me), while the other preps dinner. If the weather is nice we spend time outside or going on a quick walk.  If not, then we play inside and try to do activities that don’t involve screens.  Our kids really love puzzles these days so we spend a few minutes doing that until dinner is ready, usually around 6:30-6:45.


Plan your meals in advance!  This is something we are still striving to do better, but the simple act of just writing out what we will eat all week for dinner every night helps us to stay on track. I try to do this on Sunday’s before grocery shopping.   I would love to get to a point where we are meal prepping on Sunday’s but we just aren’t there yet. #goals

Meal Planning Template

Download this FREE Weekly Meal Plan Template HERE


Once I have our dinner meal list in order, we hit the grocery store or Walmart curbside pick up.  🙂  Download the Walmart Grocery App to see if the service is available in your area.  I promise its the quickest and most convenient way to shop.  It allows me to have more time for my family and to do the things that I want to do on the weekend instead of spending time in a store shopping.  If it’s not a service in your area, another thing I love is that most grocery stores offer a free cookie from the bakery when shopping with kids!  So if you’re shopping with your little one(s), be sure to check and see if your local grocery store offers such a treat!  I promise it makes shopping easier!

We try to make 3 meals each week in order to have leftovers for dinners/lunches throughout the week.  I love these glass Pyrex food storage set with lids because when we are done we just portion them out so that I can take to work for a lunch or have for dinner again one night that week.  On nights where we don’t actually make something then we have something like this.

Some of our go to meals are. . .


We are an every other bath night family here.  Depending on how the night is going usually determines if the kids bathe together or separately.  Lately we have been on the separate schedule because Layla wants to shower more than take a bath these days.  Henry typically goes to bed earlier (7:30-7:45) so we tend to do his bath first.  Another tag team effort by us, one of us handles bath, while the other plays.  This is typically the time of night where Layla gets a little bit of screen time before she heads up for her bath/shower.

Side note, we recently switched to Beauty Counter’s Kids Bath Collection and it has been great!  The shampoo doesn’t cause tears when it’s time to rinse and it smells great too!  Both kids have spent a ton of time in the pool this summer, and the conditioner has been awesome (especially for my daughter).  Click the link below to shop!


Before we even start story time, I always lay out an outfit for each kiddo to wear the next day.  It’s one less thing to do in the morning, and if Dad is the one getting them ready in the a.m. then this is helpful to EVERYONE! 😉 .

Some of Henry’s current favorite books are, Pout Pout Fish, What a Wonderful World, and Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night.  Layla has been loving Princesses Wear Pants and The Day the Crayons Quit.


Exhale, you made it!  Now you are rewarded with endless amounts of mindless TV, wine, working on your side hustle, whatever YOUR heart desires!

For me, I usually spend the 8:30-9:30 time frame sitting in front of my computer either in our office or parked on the couch with the hubs.  I realize to some this may sound strange, but my blog is MY outlet and my passion and I truly look forward to the time I get to work on it.  Whatever your passion is, find it and make sure you spend some time to yourself doing it.

I find it super helpful to prep for the next day.  For me, it is making sure my daughters dance bag is packed and ready on Tuesday nights because dance is on Wednesday right after daycare.  Maybe you have an important meeting at work the next day, plan your outfit the night before to avoid outfit frustration in the morning.

Lastly, something I’ve been doing even before kids, shower at night!  I love this because I can sleep a few extra winks in the morning and not have to mess with blow drying my hair!  I shower at night and then let it air dry and style it in the morning.  I think this is a win win because I’m avoiding the damaging heat of a blow dryer – woot woot!  I also don’t wash my hair every night.  I’m an every other and on nights where I don’t wash it, I just throw on a cute lil shower cap like this!


Moral of the story, try to plan ahead as much as you can.  If you can do something ahead of time that will make the actual moment easier, then why not do it?  I summed up my 5 key takeaways to a smoother nightly routine below!  Be sure to pin this and save it for later when you need a reminder!

What works for you?  I would love to hear!  Comment below.

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Also, if you’re in search of an easy breakfast for your toddlers, be sure to check out this post!


Jewelry + shopping + cocktails = the perfect girls night out!  I was in my local Kendra Scott store a few months ago and I randomly dropped my business card into the fish bowl for a chance to win a Color Bar Party.  Since I don’t normally win anything, I really didn’t think this time would be any different but to my surprise I was wrong! I won a party for a few of my girlfriends and I, complete with champagne, snacks, and all of the pretty baubles surrounding us!

What is the Color Bar?

The Kendra Scott Color Bar is an interactive tool that allows you to customize your own pieces in store AND online!  Choose from 50+ styles and 30+ stones to create pieces that are exactly what YOU want!  Maybe it’s the digital marketer in me, but I totally geek out over fun and interactive things like this.  I could spend hours playing with this tool and creating and recreating ideas.  I am kind of known for being indecisive, so with this many options we were bound to be there all night 😉

Kendra Scott Color Bar Party


Kendra Scott Color Bar Party

What is a Color Bar Party?

A Color Bar Party allows you and your closest gal pals to have a fun night out playing with around with the interactive touchscreen, and putting together your own creations.  You can choose from earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings!  The store associates were so helpful in bringing out cases of stones and popping them in and out of various pieces for us.  If you want to host your very own party, call your local store to set up a time.  It’s a great idea for a girls night!

It’s fun to see what everyone creates and how it is unique to each individual.  Scroll on to see what I got, and what some of my gal pals chose!

Kendra Scott Color Bar

TURQUOISE EARRINGS (on sale for $40)…and what I designed at the Color Bar the last time!

color bar at Kendra Scott


Kendra Scott Color Bar Parties


color bar at Kendra Scott

STILL deciding…

Our Picks

Remember how I said I was super indecisive?  So instead of creating something from the Color Bar, I ended up going with a pre-made necklace!  I didn’t own any KS necklaces until now, and I love that this one will go with literally everything!

Kendra Scott Pendant Necklaces

PENDANT NECKLACE (available in multiple colors)

The last time I visited the Color Bar, I left with two pairs of earrings.  I wear both of these all of the time!  I am actually surprised at how often I come across things in my closet that the green stones go with.

Kendra Scott Stud Earrings

STUDS (with green stone)

Kendra Scott Alex Earrings



One of my friends bought two of the Edie Rose Gold Cuff bracelets and has been layering them.  I wouldn’t have thought of doing this, but it’s such a cute look!

Kendra Scott Drusy stone bracelet


If you’re indecisive like me, the Shelia Earring is a great option because when you design your own you can choose a couple of different colored stones, or you can stick with all one color.  This is such a fun statement earring!  This cat’s eye blue with the gold looks so pretty!

Kendra Scott Shelia Earrings


Insider tip, sign up for Kendra Scott emails if you haven’t already, and in your birthday month you will receive 50% off!  Now that is something to look forward to!  We had such a fun evening, I highly recommend having your next gals night at KS!

Kendra Scott Sale


Kendra Scott store near me

I rounded up my top picks from Kendra’s new Fall Line too!  What’s your go to KS piece?  Tell me below!

Photos by Liz Olson Photography


This post is sponsored by Wooden Ships, but the content and opinions are my own.

Another weekend has come and gone, but I’m sharing one of my new fave brands that I have discovered through my content creation journey!  I’m so excited to introduce you to Wooden Ships!  This family owned brand has a love for casual and cool styles, and is passionate about our planet and giving back to the community.


Wooden Ships recently released their new collection, “Sporty Chic” and they were kind enough to gift me with the Mini Soccer Ball Crewneck in the pout/black color combo.  Soccer is a big part of our family, my husband is a huge Premier League fan (Tottenham to be exact).  We are traveling to Europe this fall and have plans to attend a game at Tottenham’s new stadium.  I’m excited to already have my outfit planned, haha!  This crewneck is lightweight and super soft which will be perfect for the time of year.  It has the perfect drape, and I love that the shoulder falls slightly off of your shoulder.  It’s not too over-sized and allows you to do the perfect front tuck.

wooden ships knits crew neck sweater


Use code EMMYLOU15 for 15% off your purchase + FREE SHIPPING!

women's oversized knit sweater

BAG (similar)


oversized knit sweaters


cute oversized knit sweaters



women's oversized knit sweaters

SANDALS (similar)


Besides the new Sporty Chic collection, Wooden Ships offers a ton of variety with something for everyone.  I love their Words Collection because you can say some of your favorite things on a sweater.  These are lightweight and perfect for chilly summer evenings or as a swim cover up on a breezy day!

cute oversized knit sweater


knit oversized sweater


cute oversized knit sweaters



Everyone loves a good cardigan that can be thrown on in a pinch and pull your whole look together!  Wooden Ships offers a variety of styles and colors and at various price points too!


cute oversized knit sweaters


womens oversized cardigans


cute oversized knit sweaters


Be sure to head over to Wooden Ships and use code EMMYLOU15 for 15% off your entire purchase (+ FREE SHIPPING always)!


T G I F my friends!  I am off today and looking forward to spending it with my oldest at Six Flags!  I haven’t been in YEARS, but it should be a good time.  I made a promise to myself before summer started that I would take random days off throughout the summer instead of stockpiling days off to use at the end of the year when it’s too cold outside to do fun things anyways!  I’m happy to report that I’ve held myself to it and I’m so glad that I have.

So as summer starts to wind down a bit, I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces (all of which are under $30)!


I have been wearing these cute slides all summer long.  They come in a few colors and are under $30!  They go with everything from jeans to dresses to skirts!  They have held up really well too!

topshop beaded purse


Shop these other great slides (all under $30)!


I recently snagged this little beauty for $6 at an antique store!  I thought it was such a cute purse for summertime outfits.  The best part is these beaded bags are having a bit of a comeback right now!  Fashion most definitely repeats itself!

beaded crossbody purse



The Pixi by Petra Honey Sheen lipgloss has been a fave of mine for awhile now.  I love the nude glossy look it gives and I also love that I can trust this company and their ingredients used!  They carry so many great products, I’m linking my go to’s below!

coconuts by matisse sandals


Other Pixi by Petra must haves!


You can’t beat the price on this little striped tee ($8)!  It comes in several colors and looks adorable tied in a little knot!

pixi by petra target


Some of my other Universal Thread loves!


If you’re looking for a great jean option to transition into fall, look no further.  These cropped flares are only $25 and are perfect now or into October!  They run a little on the bigger side.

women's cropped flare jeans


Be sure to check out my post on three ways to style cropped flare jeans

Have a great weekend babes!


This post is not sponsored, but thank you to TJ Maxx for gifting me with my $50 gift card for the Maxx50 Challenge!  All thoughts in this post are my own!

One of my favorite pastimes is spending a Sunday afternoon roaming the aisles of my local TJ Maxx.  Not kidding.  Obviously that doesn’t happen much anymore, but I recently got the opportunity to relive the glory days and shop til I dropped!  I teamed up with TJ Maxx for their Maxx50 Challenge, and hit my local store to see if what I could find for under $50! Read on to see what I scored for under $50!

The good news is, you can shop all of the great brands and deals that TJ Maxx has to offer from the comfort of your home too!    The same methodology I use for shopping in store can be applied to shopping their site online!  They offer Free Shipping over $89 (with Free Returns in store)!  Be sure to sign up for their emails because they will sometimes run Free Shipping promotions!


When shopping my local TJ Maxx, I ALWAYS go straight to the clearance section.  It’s usually located towards the back of the store, just look for the signs!  I typically search the clearance dresses first, and then make my way over to clearance tops and bottoms.  Some of my favorites brands to look for are Beach Lunch Lounge, Cloth and Stone, and C&C California to name a few.

tj maxx dresses

Shop these great dresses over on T.J. Maxx.com!


I love searching my TJ Maxx for cute tops that I can wear to work and transition to my weekend plans.  I can always find brands like Flying Tomato, Free People, and Love, Fire, most of which are under $30!

tj maxx shopping

Fabulous tops can be found over on the TJ Maxx website!

A great pair of designer jeans is another thing you can almost always find at TJ Maxx.  This is especially true if you’re lucky enough to have The Runway section in your store (online too)!  The Runway offers high end designer pieces without the high price tag!  Besides jeans, there are always plenty of skirts and shorts to be found as well!

Shop these great skirts and jeans!


If you have cute workout clothes, you’ll hit the gym more right?!  That’s my motto anyways!  After scouring the Clearance, Dresses, Tops, Jeans and Skirts I always pop over to the workout section!  Mesh panel leggings are all the rage right now and TJ Maxx for sure has you covered!

Awesome athleisure finds over on TJ Maxx.com!


TJ Maxx always has the latest and greatest trends when it comes to shoes!  So many great brands to choose from with styles for all seasons and occasions!

Shop these shoes!


Shopping for my littles is something I LOVE doing at The Maxx!  They have so many unique and fun pieces, along with name brands that I love at amazing prices!  I know I don’t have to spend a lot on pieces that are only going to fit them for a season!

So many fun kids pieces to choose from!  They have toys too!


So at this point, if you’re like me you have now been in store for at least an hour!  I hope you have just a little more time because the Home section is not to be missed!  Throw pillows, kitchen towels, and picture frames are just a few of the things I love browsing!  I also adore the scalloped tissue paper and greeting cards that I always find near the checkout counter (if you’re a friend of mine, you know me for this haha)!

Stock up on items for your home!

Now for the fun part, what was I able to snag for under $50?!  A whole heck of a lot!  And I came in with a couple of bucks to spare!

What’s your fave thing to shop for at TJ Maxx? Tell me in the comments!

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